Lunch at Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cusine

Phan Khom spring rolls
We devoted our second to the last day in Bangkok to shopping in Central World mall.

Central World Bangkok

After an hour or two of window shopping we headed to the top floor of the mall in search for food. There were several restaurants but we chose Phan-Khom because of some interesting food items we saw on the menu.
Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cuisine

Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cuisine-1

Healthy but oh so boring and tasteless.
vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls
vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls – 80 baht

Fried spring rolls filled with kani (faux crab meat) and cream cheese was simply ingenious. The best thing about this dish was the sweet and spicy mustard sauce. That’s how I describe it but it tasted really better than that. We couldn’t decide if the heat came from wasabi, hot mustard or both. It really gave life to the simple spring rolls that I can’t wait to replicate at home.
Phan Khom spring rolls
Phan Khom spring rolls – 85 baht

It looked interesting on the menu but it was just ok.
steamed baby corn wrapped with minced pork and glass vermicelli
steamed baby corn wrapped with minced pork 
and glass vermicelli– 85 baht

I’ve had better pomelo salad in Manila.
pomelo salad
pomelo salad -95 baht

The sauce was good but the ribs weren’t tender and the taste didn’t permeate in the pork. It seemed like the sauce was just poured over the hastily cooked pork ribs.
Phan Khom baby pork spareribs with special sauce
Phan Khom baby pork spareribs with special sauce -125 baht

If you find yourself in Central World in Bangkok do yourself a favor and skip this ‘contemporary’ restaurant. The servings were tiny and not cheap. When we walked further we discovered so many more restaurants that looked even better. Oh well we can’t have all fabulous meals in Bangkok right?

Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cusine’s menu

Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cusine
Top Floor Central World Mall
1 RAMA Bangkok 10150, Thailand
telephone: 02-2645555

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