Midnight Mercato

Shiitake mushroom and pecorini ravioli with garlic bechamel sauce
I was looking through iPhoto and found these pictures which I forgot to post. Better late than never! These were taken last February 2011.

I had a date with my 3 young cousins that night. They treated me to dinner at Azuthai and I treated them to dessert at Bar Dolci. Since we were already at The Fort we decided to wait for Midnight Mercato to open since none of us have been to the midnight version of Mercato Centrale.
Midnight Mercato

Midnight Mercato-1

I was surprised that the place was full! And the people I saw weren’t late night party goers. Most were entire families including kids who were eating full meals at midnight. Shocking really.
Midnight Mercato-2

I saw the top honcho of Mercato Centrale, Anton as soon as I went in the main tent so I asked for a photo op. Of course he didn’t know who I was. I also spoke to Anton’s partner, RJ Ledesma but I forgot to have our picture taken. By the way this was my pre-Cohen diet picture.
Midnight Mercato-3
me and Anton Diaz

Midnight Mercato-4
cousins Jay and Jon

Honestly I was still too full from dinner and dessert but my cousins seemed to have a bottomless pit for stomachs and they still managed to eat some goodies. Well they’re young growing men.

The following pictures were taken by my cousins Jay and Jim on their Panasonic LX3.

Jim saw the Middle Eastern looking owner manning the booth so he thought that their shawarma must be good and authentic. After taking bites we all agreed that Food Channel’s version was much better.
Persian Grill's shawarma

Jay bought a plate of homemade ravioli stuffed with fresh mushroom and lightly dressed with a garlic béchamel sauce. I took a small bite and found it to be delicious. It tasted even better than those served in expensive restaurants. The ravioli was perfectly al dente and the flavors of the mushroom and cheese were quite prominent. I also appreciated that there was just a small amount of light sauce that enhanced and not overwhelm the main star, the ravioli.
Shiitake mushroom and pecorini ravioli with garlic bechamel sauce-1
shiitake mushroom and pecorini ravioli with garlic bechamel sauce P200

We forgot where Jay bought the sisig but he proclaimed it a winner!

I don’t understand why I never see Nutsylicous. I didn’t even see it that night nor the other times I went to Mercato. Some powers don’t want me to buy their nuts and dried fruits. And I want to buy them!!
Nutsylicous’ nuts

If you find yourself with nothing to do on a weekend go to midnight Mercato and stuff yourself silly with all kinds of food. Your biggest problem will be deciding what to eat. 

Midnight Mercato
Friday and Saturday 10:00 pm – 3:00 am

Mercato Centrale
Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
34th street and 8th avenue (across MC Home Depot)
Bonifacio Global City, 1632 Taguig, Philippines

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