Bryan Flannery Burger Blends

Bryan Flannery Burgers
I just love burgers! I’m so happy that burgers are allowed on my diet. I really don’t mind eating it with just veggies and no bun, cheese or dressing. I get to enjoy the flavor and quality of the beef even more.

But what’s not allowed is buying ground beef. I’m supposed to buy lean beef and ground it myself. But where’s the fun in that? Ever since I saw Heart2Heart’s post on their new products, Bryan’s Fine Foods Burger Blends I wanted to try it right away. And yes this is my version of cheating on my diet.

I went to Rustan’s Fresh in Forbes Park, Makati to buy them.

The first blend was called “The Soon to be Illegal Blend” made with 50% Wagyu chuck, 25% Wagyu short ribs and 25% Wagyu fat blend.
Bryan Flannery Burgers-1

The second blend I bought was called “The More Betterer Burger Blend” made with 25% prime chuck, 25% choice short ribs, 25% prime brisket, 25% rib cap fat blend.
Bryan Flannery Burgers-2

Both burger blends came in 1 lb. (450 grams) packs and cost P642/US$15 per pack.  It was quite expensive but I really wanted to try if it was worth it.
Bryan Flannery Burgers-3

Bryan Flannery Burgers-4
Other burger blends available (click to enlarge, picture from Heart2Heart) 

The first thing I did was to split the ground beef into 120 gram portions which was one of my lunch options. I was able to make 3 patties and the left-over ground beef was made into mini patties.
Bryan Flannery Burgers-5

I made two small burgers from both burger blends. I formed the patties and put salt and pepper on the outside of the patties (only) and cooked them on my George Foreman electric grill. There was some fat that poured out of the machine into my ‘corn on the cob holder’ which doubled as the fat receptacle.
Bryan Flannery Burgers-6

I liked “The More Betterer Burger Blend” burger. It was definitely better than most of the burgers I’ve tried in Manila’s burger places. But the “The Soon to be Illegal Blend” made with Wagyu beef was to die for!! It tasted out of this world. It tasted like I was eating an expensive Wagyu steak. The flavors were distinct and worth every peso. It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.

It just proves that a good burger comes from good beef and not the cheese, mushroom, bacon, avocado or whatever toppings you can imagine. That’s why I always order a plain burger so I can taste the BEEF.
Bryan Flannery Burgers-7

Yes it’s expensive but do yourself a favor and try the Bryan’s Fine Foods’ “The Soon to be Illegal Blend” at least once so you will know what a really great burger tastes like.

San Antonio Plaza Arcade 
50 Mckinley Road, Forbes Park, 
Makati, Metro Manila
telephone: +63(2)840-5491

For orders, please contact:
Weng Atanacio (9am to 5pm Monday-Friday)
email address:
telephone: 898-1371 or 76 mobile: 0917-8016875

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  1. hi! just discovered your blog and love it. I have a george foreman grill but unfortunately its 110 and i accidentally plugged it in 220v. any info on where can i have it fix? thanks so much


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