Pico Sands Hotel and Spa

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-4

New in Hamilo Coast is the Pico Sands Hotel and Spa. We were lucky to get a tour of the rooms.

Pico Sands Hotel

Pico Sands Hotel-1
Pico Sands Hotel-room rates
room rates (click to enlarge)
Pico Sands Hotel- the lobby & bar
the lobby & bar
Pico Sands Hotel- the coffee shop
the coffee shop


This was the beautiful view from the back of the lobby.

Pico Sands Hotel-5

Right next door to the hotel is the country club which was just a short walk away. You can take a golf cart to go there. It’s very convenient to access the biggest and most gorgeous pool in the entire complex. Non-members have to pay a daily fee of P500 of which P250 is consumable. This fee enables the guest to use all the resorts facilities like the pool, bowling lane, badminton court, ktv and more. During the week a non-members just need to bring an authorization letter from the member. On weekends they have to be accompanied by the actual members.

Pico Sands Hotel-6

While some of our friends went for a dip in the sea Debbie and I chose to go to the spa for a massage.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa

Massage in private rooms cost P880 an hour,  P980 for 1 hour and 15 minutes and P1,180 1 and 1/2 hours. The massage was heavenly!

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-1

We got assigned to a big room with four beds. We had the room to ourselves. There were also rooms with one or two massage beds.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-2

Too bad the jacuzzi tub wasn’t working yet.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-5

This was the hi-tech control panel for the shower/steam room. It had some kinks to it that’s why we weren’t able to try out the steam room.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-4

At least the shower worked fine.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-6

It was a big shower stall with a bench to sit in while you enjoy the steam. We used it to put our towel and clothes since there weren’t any hooks or towel bars.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-7

A separate enclosure for the water closet.

Pico Sands Hotel Spa-3

After our merienda we all went back to the hotel to tour the different rooms. The open skylight brought enough natural light to the atrium layout of the hotel.

Pico Sands Hotel-7

Pico Sands Hotel-8

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft


This two level loft looked and felt more like an apartment than a hotel. It made you really feel at home.

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-1
Penthouse Loft
Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-9
powder room

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-2

 Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-3

On the upper level was a king sized bed. Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and 2 kids.

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-4

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-5

This was the view from the bedroom.

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-6

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-7

I have never seen sliding glass door for a shower before. Neat!

Pico Sands Hotel Penthouse Loft-8

This is the Premiere room with 2 queen beds.

Pico Sands Hotel Premiere Room

Pico Sands Hotel Premiere Room-1

This is the superior room with 1 king bed. These last two rooms happened to be connecting rooms. So if you’re in a big group you can book these two rooms. The bathrooms were the same as the one in the Penthouse Loft. Pico Sands Hotel Superior Room


Now anyone can visit Hamilo Coast even if you don’t own a condo unit there. You can stay at the Pico Sands Hotel and Spa. Just make sure to book in advance because I heard they get really full during weekends. How to get to Hamilo Coast? Click here

Hamilo Coast
SM Investments Corporation
10th Floor, One E-Com Center Sunset Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, 1300
Sales office number: +632 858 0333
Showroom numbers: +632 819 1673 and +632 819 1675
Mobile: +63917 842 6456
US Toll Free: +18669788020 and +18669787650

6 thoughts on “Pico Sands Hotel and Spa

  1. oh okay, i got confused since on the bottom of your previous post you mentioned it’s open to the public. you might have meant something else. haha


  2. Hello, I understand that Hamilo Coast is restricted to members.  Is Pico Sands Hotel also restricted to members?  Please let me know and thanks for the pictures and virtual tour 🙂


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