Allies Wonder Peanuts

Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts
Let me introduce you to the bane of my diet. My biggest mistake was ordering these peanuts. Warning if you are on a diet do not continue reading this.

I don’t know what insanity possessed me to start eating peanuts when I very well know they are not allowed on the Cohen diet. Somehow the naughty part of my brain rationalized that peanuts are healthy and good for you and it wouldn’t hurt to eat a few. Well these peanuts were so good I didn’t stop at a few.
Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts-1
Allies Wonder Peanuts 800g can – P270

I ordered this 800 gram can of peanuts from my friend and co-blogger Franny who together with her hubby Paul are the Manila distributor of these wonder peanuts from Pamapanga. I was amazed at how cheap the peanuts cost. In markets and bazaars other brands of garlic peanuts also from Pampanga cost P200-300 for a 450g plastic jar.
Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts-2

I tried a handful that led to another handful and pretty soon I couldn’t stop. I actually finished the contents of this half gallon can in 5 days! And that’s one of the reasons I didn’t lose a single pound last month. The peanuts were absolutely delicious! Crunchy, salty, garlicky and not greasy at all.
Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts-3

Do you see all the lovely slices of toasted garlic? There were really lots and lots of garlic. They were mild enough to eat yet provided an extra garlic punch to the peanuts.
Allies Dry Roasted Wonder Peanuts-4

So if I were you I would order a can or two right away. Since demolishing a can of peanuts I’ve stopped eating peanuts and have ordered a few to give to recent balikbayan guests.

Allies Wonder Peanuts
to order call Paul at +63917-538-8125
800 g can – P270
450g jar – P170

5 thoughts on “Allies Wonder Peanuts

  1. I would like to know where in San Juan, Metro Manila can i bought this peanut ‘coz my sister in Los Angeles called and ask me to buy that peanut in a big can.


  2. Do they still sell at Mercato Centrale on Saturdays?  I sent somebody to the store on Escriva and was told that they do not carry Allie’s anymore.Thanks in advance


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