Panasonic G3 Camera at Salcedo Market

Panasonic DMC-G3K-1
I was tickled pink when a representative from Pixel Pro‘s marketing department wrote to me if I could review the Panasonic G3 and GF3 system cameras. I’ve always dreamed of being a gadget blogger since I just love all sorts of gadgets and cameras. I told them I was just an amateur shoot and pointer and they didn’t mind at all.

I guess they picked me because I’m a die hard Panasonic camera user. I actually started this blog because of the Panasonic LX3 I bought in 2009. I bought that camera based only on the rave reviews I read in several local forums. My first pictures were taken in hotel restaurants in Hong Kong and I wanted to share them with friends and family in the USA so I started a food blog.

At that time I didn’t know anything about composition, aperture, white balance or cropping. All I did was set the camera to IA and point and shoot.

My next camera was the Panasonic G1 which I on my trip to Perth, Australia. I loved the viewfinder and flip out screen. The only problem was I found it too heavy.

When I saw the GF1 I immediately sold my GH1 and was immensely happy with it for more than a year. My pictures improved and the burden on my shoulders lightened.

A few months ago my friend lent me his Panasonic GF3 and I took this picture to compare the size with my LX3 and GF1. After this shot I sold my GF1 and bought the GF3 which I’m using to this day.
Panasonic LX3 vs. GF3 vs GF1

I was curious about the Panasonic G3 since it was the successor to my G1. This is the sample unit Pixel Pro sent to me.
Panasonic DMC-G3K

I was so surprised at how small it was. It was about the same size as the GF1. It also has a flip out lcd screen and an electronic viewfinder.
Panasonic DMC-G3K-2

I took it for a test shoot at Salcedo market. Can you believe it was my first time to visit this Saturday market? It was hot and really sunny and the electronic viewfinder came in really handy. If I used my GF3 I wouldn’t have been able to see anything on the lcd screen.
Salcedo Market

fresh seafood
huge fresh prawns

fresh seafood-1
male and female crab

There were so many stalls selling mouthwatering cooked food. Everything looked so good!
cooked food

Tita Ope


cooked food-1

cooked food-2

Simply Pie
Simply Pie

meat & produce

Something Different sells the yummiest chicken pastel pies and chicken empanadas. They’re one of my favorites.
Something Different Chicken Empanda

They also had soft rolls filled with chicken, tuna or roast beef.
Something Different Chicken Empanda-1

Something Different Chicken Empanda-2
Something Different Chicken Empanda

There were lots of fresh fruit vendors in the market. This stall had freshly peeled langka which is one of my favorite fruits.
langka or jackfruit-1
langka or jackfruit

langka or jackfruit

roasting chestnuts
chestnuts roasting on an open fire


chlorophyll wheatgrass & kefir
Chloroplyll’s wheat grass and kefir

This was the first time I saw fresh dates.
fresh dates
fresh dates

tropical fruits-1
tropical fruits

tropical fruits-2


There were also servewares sold.

wood wares
wood wares

Oh my, the bread selections were just awesome.
Romdane Bakery
Romdane Bakery

Uncle George bread
Uncle George bread

These ensaimadas were huge!
Medina's Pampanggo ensaimada
Medina’s Pampanggo ensaimada

I like these healthy cookies and bars.
My Goodness baked goodies
My Goodness baked goodies

gourmet polvoron
gourmet polvoron

I just had to include this picture since these two guys gamely posed for me.
budbud kabog
budbud kabog

The Panasonic G3 was just as good as all the Panasonic system cameras I’ve used. The pictures were sharp and the controls were easy to navigate. If I wasn’t so intent on having the smallest and lightest micro 4/3 camera I would have bought this. It has a flip out screen, electronic viewfinder and a hot shoe – things my small GF3 don’t have.

SRP: P40, 500 (discounts for cash buyers)
Available in: Black, Brown, White, Red

Available in: Black, Brown, Pink, White, Red
Pixel Pro branches:
Pixel Pro Mega Mall
4th Floor, Mega Bldg. B, Cyberzone Area
(02) 470-3903

Pixel Pro Greenhills
3rd Floor, V Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
(02) 726-9387/ 584-5356

Pixel Pro Cebu
Ground Floor, Park Mall Cebu,
(032) 420-9155

Facebook: Pixel Pro
Twitter: pixelproinc

2 thoughts on “Panasonic G3 Camera at Salcedo Market

  1. Hi Leslie!  I laughed when I saw the picture of the two guys under the Bud-Budg Kabog sign.  The guy on the left is my uncle.  😀  Glad you enjoyed Salcedo Market.  My family used to go there almost every weekend.  Too bad I now live in Manila so I haven’t been back in a loooong time.  


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