The Lodge at Sonoma

The Lodge at Sonoma
Just like my nephew Ethan I love staying in hotels. We didn’t stay in downtown Napa but instead we chose to stay at The Lodge at Sonoma.

The Lodge at Sonoma-1

The Lodge at Sonoma-2

We finally checked in after lunch at Addendum and wine tasting at Chateau Montelena Winery.
The Lodge at Sonoma-3

I really liked the wide open lobby with high ceiling.
The Lodge at Sonoma-5

The pool area was even better. It looked like a tropical resort.
The Lodge at Sonoma-6

I would have loved to sit here at night with the fire pit on to keep me warm. Too bad we forgot about it.
The Lodge at Sonoma-7

The Lodge at Sonoma-9

The Lodge at Sonoma-8

The Lodge at Sonoma-10
playful Kit

The Lodge at Sonoma-11

Instead of a regular building filled with hotel rooms, we stayed in cottages spread over a wide area.
The Lodge at Sonoma-12

This is what a typical cottage looked like. Our rooms were on the ground floor.
The Lodge at Sonoma-14

Ariel and Kit got upgraded to a 1 bedroom suite. This was their living room with an electric fireplace.
The Lodge at Sonoma- 1 bedroom suite

The Lodge at Sonoma-19

Both our rooms had the same bathroom.
The Lodge at Sonoma-17

The bathtub was in the center of the room.
The Lodge at Sonoma-15

The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room-7

The tub opened into the bedroom.
The Lodge at Sonoma-16

I really appreciate hotel rooms that have a separate shower stall since I hate taking showers in a tub.
The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room-6

The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room-8

The Lodge at Sonoma-20

The best thing about their suite is this Nespresso machine with so many choices of pods. We did our best to drink a LOT of espresso during our overnight stay.
The Lodge at Sonoma-21

My room was a standard room that also had a sitting area and an electric fireplace. The room  was very big compared to city standards.
The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room

The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room-2

I had an iPod stereo system beside my bed.
The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room-1

I didn’t have a Nespresso machine in my room but I had the standard coffee maker. The coffee wasn’t too horrible. At least I had something to drink with my breakfast of scones from Bouchon Bakery.
The Lodge at Sonoma- regular room-9

The front desk also gave us complimentary wine tasting at their tasting room.
The Lodge at Sonoma- wine cellar

The Lodge at Sonoma- wine cellar-1

The Lodge at Sonoma- wine cellar-2

The Lodge at Sonoma- wine cellar-3

I loved staying at The Lodge. The bed was super comfy and the electric fireplace made the room feel warm and cozy. I would rather stay in cottages like these any time over the typical hotels.

The Lodge at Sonoma
1325 Broadway
Sonoma, California 95476
telephone (707) 935-6600

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