Corison Winery and Cakebread Cellars

Corison Winery
We visited two more wineries in Napa Valley before going back to San Francisco. The first stop was Corison Winery where we were greeted by this friendly labrador.

Kit took this picture on his cellphone. We sat there playing with the dog for a few minutes before going in the winery. I could have stayed there longer but the dog ran inside so I followed her. I suddenly missed my own labradors.
Corison Winery

Corison Winery-1

Corison Winery-2

The oak barrels were stacked in the tasting room for a very nice ambiance.
Corison Winery-3

Corison Winery-4

Corison Winery-10

Corison Winery-5

She was so excited to play with the kid that she started to ‘nibble’ on peoples’ legs and was distracting the wine tasting. She was asked to leave and I was surprised to find out that she was the neighbor’s dog. She just loved visiting Corison Winery from time to time.
Corison Winery-6

Corison Winery-7

We went out the back and looked at the beautiful vineyard.
Corison Winery-8

Corison Winery-9

Corison Winery-11
Corison Winery tasting menu

Our next stop was Cakebread Cellars. Kit called in advance to make an appointment for our wine tasting.
Cakebread Cellars

Cakebread Cellars-1

Cakebread Cellars-2

Cakebread Cellars-3

This guy told us that Cakebread Cellars wines are available in Manila and I found out that it is distributed by Happy Living Philippines Corporation which also distributes Chateau Montelana wines which we also visited.
Cakebread Cellars-4

They gave us the glasses we used for wine tasting to take home as a souvenir.
Cakebread Cellars1

That’s the end of my trip to Napa Valley. Thanks again to my friends Ariel and Kit for taking me there. I really enjoyed all the restaurants we ate at and even though I can’t drink wine for the moment I appreciated going to the wineries too.
Cakebread Cellars-5
Kit and Ariel

Corison Winery
987 St. Helena Highway, Saint Helena, CA 94574
telephone: (707) 963-0826

Cakebread Cellars
8300 St. Helena Highway, Rutherford, CA 94573
telephone:(800) 588-0298

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