Oxbow Public Market

Three Twins Ice Cream - chocolate orange confetti ice cream
I’m not an “ice cream” kind of girl. I’m more of the “coffee and cookies” type. After lunch at Morimoto, we went to Oxbow Public Market for my coffee from Ritual Roasters. I only wanted coffee but Kit knew my weakness for anything ‘chocolate orange‘ and he let me try the ice cream he bought.

Funny but Kit and Ariel haven’t been to Oxbow Public Market in all the times they’ve visited Napa Valley. So it was a first time for all of us.
Oxbow Public Market

Three Twins ice cream was right across Ritual Coffee Roasters.
Three Twins Ice Cream - Oxbow Public Market

Three Twins Ice Cream - Oxbow Public Market-1

Three Twins Ice Cream - Oxbow Public Market-2

While I was waiting for my coffee to finish dripping, Kit bought a scoop of chocolate orange confetti and let me try a spoonful. I tried it without knowing what flavor it was.
Three Twins Ice Cream - Oxbow Public Market-3

As soon as the ice cream hit my tongue I moaned in ecstasy. It was the most intense chocolate flavor with the most intense and sharpest orange flavor in the richest, creamiest ice cream I’ve ever eaten. EVER!!! Forget my diet. As soon as I finished my coffee I immediately bought a scoop all for myself. Even Ariel couldn’t stop raving about my ice cream since he bought strawberry while Kit was more adventurous with his ‘dad’s cardamom’ ice cream. My chocolate orange confetti was the best!!!

True to their claim, Three Twins Ice Cream was inconceivably delicious!
Three Twins Ice Cream -  chocolate orange confetti ice cream 2
Three Twins Chocolate Orange Confetti Ice Cream

We walked around Oxbow Market while eating ice cream and I took pictures of the stores and eateries there.
Oxbow Public Market 1

Oxbow Public Market 2
Pica Pica Bar

Oxbow Produce and Grocery - Oxbow Public Market
Oxbow Produce and Grocery

Kit said these lemon pita chips were really good.
Oxbow Produce -The Hummus Guy Lemon Chips

I really liked the mix of tenants in Oxbow Market. Ca’ Momi occupied a big space since it had wine, pizza and Italian pastries all in one store.
Ca' Momi - Oxbow Public Market

After taking a picture of these tempting sweets I quickly walked away to avoid temptation.
Ca' Momi - Oxbow Public Market-3

Ca' Momi - Oxbow Public Market-1

Ca' Momi - Oxbow Public Market-2

Right after walking away from Italian pastries I walked next to Anette’s Chocolates and hyperventilated for a few minutes.
Annette's Chocolates, Oxbow Public Market

Annette's Chocolates, Oxbow Public Market-1
Anette’s Chocolates

Annette's Chocolates, Oxbow Public Market-2

Tillerman Tea - Oxbow Public Market
Tillerman Tea

Some of the stores in Oxbow can be also found at San Francisco’s Ferry Building that’s because the founder of Oxbow used to be the project manager of the Ferry Building.
The Olive Press - Oxbow Public Market
The Olive Press

The Olive Press - Oxbow Public Market-1

Five Dot Ranch - Oxbow Public Market
Five Dot Ranch

Five Dot Ranch - Oxbow Public Market-1

Whole Spice Company - Oxbow Public Market
Whole Spice Company

Oxbow Cheese Merchant - Oxbow Public Market
Oxbow Cheese Merchant

Oxbow Cheese Merchant - Oxbow Public Market-1

Oxbow Cheese Merchant - Oxbow Public Market-2

Kara's Cupcakes - Oxbow Public Market
Kara’s Cupcakes

Kara's Cupcakes - Oxbow Public Market-1

Kara's Cupcakes - Oxbow Public Market-2

I saw compost bins in several places in the US. A lot of their food containers just like the ones we used at Addendum are compostable. I’m sure those containers are expensive so I don’t think we’ll see those in the Philippines any time soon. But composting of food waste is something we can do right now.
Oxbow Public Market - compost bin

We were pressed for time since we still had two wineries to go to before going back to San Francisco. I’ll definitely go back to Oxbow Public Market so I can walk leisurely, try some cheese and olive oil, buy a cup of coffee and two scoops of chocolate orange confetti ice cream.
Oxbow Public Market 3

Oxbow Public Market
610 First Street, Napa, California 94559
telephone: (707) 253-1190

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