More Whole Foods Market Love

This post is another reason why I love Whole Foods Market. Bear with me as I show you pictures that will most likely make you drool. After our first seafood meal at Whole Foods my cousin La who’s an oenophile (I had to look that up – a person who loves wine. In my mind IContinue reading “More Whole Foods Market Love”

Around Middleburg, Va

After lunch at The Fox Hound we walked around Middleburg and did some window shopping. The first stop was Home Farm, a traditional butcher shop. Home Farm No frozen meat here. Everything was fresh and chilled. Bacon donuts anyone? The Christmas Sleigh specialized in German and Austrian products. The Christmas Sleigh I just had toContinue reading “Around Middleburg, Va”

Corison Winery and Cakebread Cellars

We visited two more wineries in Napa Valley before going back to San Francisco. The first stop was Corison Winery where we were greeted by this friendly labrador. Kit took this picture on his cellphone. We sat there playing with the dog for a few minutes before going in the winery. I could have stayedContinue reading “Corison Winery and Cakebread Cellars”

Chateau Montelena Winery

Going to Napa Valley wouldn’t be complete without visiting a few wineries even though I can’t drink alcohol until my diet is over. Not that I love wine either. But I don’t mind having a couple of glasses of gewürztraminer with my meal. Kit’s a wine aficionado and he chose the wineries we went to. IContinue reading “Chateau Montelena Winery”

Casillero Del Diablo wines at Tosca

Last October 20, 2010 my HS classmate, Evelyn invited me and a few wine lover friends to a dinner at Tosca at the Dusit Hotel to celebrate Casillero del Diablo wines. moi, Rochelle, Evelyn, Janet and Deb Casillerio del Diablo, one of the most well know brands of premium wines from Chile is distributed inContinue reading “Casillero Del Diablo wines at Tosca”

Perth Day 8 – Part 1 Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is Western Australia’s oldest wine region. It’s just 25 minutes from the city. SwanValley is a one stop area for wine, food, art, scenery and nature. A major attraction is the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail – a 32 kilometre loop taking in more than 150 attractions including wineries, lively breweries,Continue reading “Perth Day 8 – Part 1 Swan Valley”

Margaret River Day 5 – Part 3 Woody Nook Wines, Yahava Koffee Works, Melting Pot Glass Studio

The nice lady at Wonky Windmill Farm suggest we have lunch at Woody Nook Wines. We were amazed at all the business cards stuck on their walls. There were cards from all over the world. There was even money from different countries on the wall. I had my wallet out looking for Philippine peso toContinue reading “Margaret River Day 5 – Part 3 Woody Nook Wines, Yahava Koffee Works, Melting Pot Glass Studio”

Margaret River Day 4 – Part 2 Vasse Felix, Cape Lavender, Olio Belo

After a morning of sampling candies and nuts we were hungry for real food. Most of the guides we read said that Vasse Felix winery had very good food. So we went to check it out. The grounds were very beautiful but I couldn’t take any pictures because it was raining and the wind veryContinue reading “Margaret River Day 4 – Part 2 Vasse Felix, Cape Lavender, Olio Belo”

Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Tour Part 3

Fermoy Estate was the last winery we went to.This winery reminded us of a French chateau. I don’t know what animals these are but they were running around the grounds. the ‘whites’ the ‘reds’ We were more interested in the fragrant lavender bush right outside the window. Of all the beautiful places we went to theContinue reading “Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Tour Part 3”