Off The Grid: Food Trucks at Fort Mason Center

Señor Sisig Food Truck - sisig nachos
Food trucks are really popular in the USA specially in San Francisco. I didn’t think I would be able to eat at one considering my short stay in the city.

After dropping off my luggage at the Marriott hotel Kit surprised me by saying we were going to Fort Mason Center where all the food trucks were for the Off The Grid event. I was so happy!
Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason

Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason -1

All the food trucks were parked around a big lot. I was really excited to look at each and every food truck and I wasn’t going to let the low lighting hamper my picture taking. It was really cold and it was drizzling a bit but I didn’t care. My only problem was I still felt full from lunch hours ago at Morimoto in Napa. I really couldn’t understand how I wasn’t hungry amidst all the food choices.
Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason -4

Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason -2
Curry Up Now

Some food trucks had long lines while others had none. I decided to walk around and see if something would stimulate my appetite.
Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason -5

Folding chairs were scattered in the middle of the space for people to sit and eat.
Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason -6

One of the food trucks that had a long line was Señor Sisig, a Filipino food truck featuring, what else but sisig! I was surprised that mostly Americans were in the line. I wonder if they really knew what sisig was. But I guess they just liked the taste.
Señor Sisig Food Truck-1
Señor Sisig

It was actually smart of them to introduce sisig (a Filipino dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. Wikipedia) in a more common vessel like tacos, burritos, fries and nachos. It’s a good thing they also offer it with rice because that’s how we Filipinos like to eat it.

I wish we tried the green mango and bagoong ice cream! I wonder what that tastes like?
Señor Sisig Food Truck-3
Señor Sisig’s menu


Señor Sisig Food Truck-2

Señor Sisig Food Truck-4

Ariel ordered the sisig nachos and since I just LOVE nachos I tried some. With one bite suddenly my appetite roared and screamed, “give me more nachos!”

Putting sisig on nachos is really ingenious. The sisig was so flavorful that it really held it’s own in the amalgam of Mexican spices, toppings and sauces. The sisig felt so at home with all it’s Mexican cousins and you would think this combination has been around for ages. I really, really loved it! No wonder Señor Sisig was voted best food truck by several San Francisco publications.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see copycats in Manila soon. Maybe there are some already!
Señor Sisig Food Truck - sisig nachos-1
sisig nachos $8

Since I ate almost half of Ariel’s nachos he bought a sandwich from another Filipino food truck, HapaSF. I tried a bit of the chicken adobo and found the flavor lacking. It was neither salty nor sour. I guess the other ingredients in the sandwich made up for it.
HapaSF - chicken adobo bahn mi
HapaSF’s chicken adobo bahn mi

Koja Kitchen had lcd screens for menus! I was really tempted to buy the bulgogi salad if I not for the sisig nachos which made me so full already.
Koja Kitchen
Koja Kitchen

Koja Kitchen -1

Koja Kitchen -2

The Taco Guys
The Taco Guys

Kasa Indian Eatery
Kasa Indian Eatery

Kasa Indian Eatery-1
Kasa’s menu

The food truck with the longest line that never went away was Cuptakes.

I’m not a cupcake girl so I would never fall in line to buy one but Kit swears by these goodies so he patiently waited his turn. He was kind enough to let me take a bite of his raspberry lemon cupcake.

The mini cupcake was quite expensive at $3 but I was amazed at the dense pound cake like texture of the cupcake. It was so moist and unlike any cupcake I’ve ever tasted before. I wasn’t impressed with the icing though. It lacked both raspberry and lemon flavors. I was imagining something tart instead it was just blah.
Cupkates- lemon raspberry cupcake
lemon raspberry cupcake $3

Live entertainment!
Off The Grid SF at Fort Mason -7

the creme brûlée cart
the creme brûlée cart

The sign made me laugh – zero calorie huh?
the creme brûlée cart-1

They were kind enough to let me take a picture without buying one.
the creme brûlée cart-2
vanilla bean creme brûlée $4

El Huarache Loco menu

El Porteno empanadas
El Porteno menu

I wanted to try the empanada too but Kit said they weren’t very good. I believed him since there wasn’t anyone buying when I took the picture. I really love empanadas though.
El Porteno empanadas-1
El Porteno empanadas

Happy Dumplings had long lines too.
Happy Dumplings
Happy Dumplings

Maybe because of the cheap eats?
Happy Dumplings-1
Happy Dumplings menu

Happy Dumplings-2

A guy who just got his dumplings allowed me to take a picture. He even posed the siracha sauce at the back.
Happy Dumplings-3
fried dumplings

Brass Knuckle sold creative sandwiches and was one of the more popular trucks.
Brass Knuckle Food Truck
Brass Knuckle’s menu

Kit bought the Cuban sandwich made with roast pork, ham, swiss cheese on a waffle. I was too full to even take a bite but he said it was just average. Nothing really great.
Brass Knuckle Food Truck - notorious pig
notorious pig $5

The cheese fries topped with Guinness short ribs and bacon crackles looked more tempting to me so I quickly snapped a picture of a guy’s order. (Nahiya ako humingi ng isang fries ;p)

I swear the people of San Francisco are so nice letting me take pictures of their food. I bet they were wondering what the nut in the red trench coat was up to?
Brass Knuckle Food Truck - occupy fries SF
occupy fries SF $5

Since the sandwiches were small Kit bought another one from 3-Sum Eats.
3-Sum Eats Food Truck
3-Sum Eats menu

I took a teeny weeny bite of the chicken. Ok but not flavorful enough. Crispy though.
3-Sum Eats Food Truck- rice crispies fried chicken sandwich
rice crispies fried chicken sandwich $7

Can you guess what I bought?
3-Sum Eats Food Truck-2
3-Sum Eats dessert menu

Can you believe this was the only truck that sold cookies? It was freakin’ huge!! Much bigger than my big hand. The cookie lasted til breakfast.

It had a nice butterscotch flavor and wasn’t so sweet which I really liked. I loved the textures from the pretzels, coconut and potato chips. This started my new appreciation for ‘mixed identity’ cookies. Yuuummmm!!!
3-Sum Eats Food Truck- kitchen sink cookies
kitchen sink cookies $3.50

3-Sum Eats Food Truck- homemade twinkies
homemade twinkies

I really loved my first food truck experience! I only wish I went there ravenously hungry but I was quite satisfied with the things I ate and tried. It was the best last dinner in San Francisco. Thanks again Ariel and Kit!!!

Be sure to check the schedule and location for the Off the Grid events. They have several markets in different cities. I was just lucky that they had it at Fort Mason when I was there.

Fort Mason Center
Golden Gate National Recreation Area, 38 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA

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  1. Attend Francisco New Years Eve 2013 music and art events to be held soon with headliner sets by Diplo, Travis Barker and Mixmaster Mike, Zedd, DJ Shadow.


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