La Boulange Bakery

La Boulange SF-12
I love French pastries and I swore I wouldn’t eat any since I was on a diet but La Boulange Bakery was right there in front of me. I was just going to Loehmann’s in Sutter Street. How should I know that next door was a bakery filled with temptation.

La Boulange SF

Just to prove to you I had no intention of going to a bakery on my last day in San Francisco I didn’t bring my camera. All these pictures were shot using my iPhone 4s.
La Boulange SF-1

La Boulange SF-2

This was the first (and the last) time I saw cannelés so I had to buy one and try it. I guess they’re not popular since the lady behind me asked me what they were. I just told her to try it since they’re good.

I actually wanted to try the allumettes and lunette too since it was my first time to see those.
La Boulange SF-4

La Boulange SF- pecan sticky bun

La Boulange SF-5

I really, really wanted one of those quiche too.
La Boulange SF-6

In the end I bought a cannelé, a morning bun and an almond croissant. I just ate the cannelé and brought the two other pastries with me to Virginia so I can share them with my cousin.
La Boulange SF- cannelés
cannelés $1.75

The cannelé had a chewy exterior and a soft and dense interior. It had a nice caramel flavor that wasn’t too sweet. In Manila, Gourmet Finds makes the best cannelé. Click on the link for ordering information so you can try cannelé for yourself.
La Boulange SF- cannelés-1

Morning buns are made from croissant dough and are very flaky.
La Boulange SF- orange & cinnamon morning bun
orange & cinnamon morning bun $2.50

Here are the goodies we reheated for breakfast the next day in Virginia. The morning bun was ok. Not really my favorite.
La Boulange SF- orange & cinnamon morning bun-1

My cousin and I loved the flaky almond croissant. There was lots of almond filling inside and it had just the right amount of sweetness.
La Boulange SF- almond croissant
almond croissant $2.75

Since my cousin’s hubby works in San Francisco and comes home to Virginia for the weekend he brought us more goodies from La Boulange. He bought a pecan sticky roll which I never got to try since somebody ate it really quick :D.

He also bought a chocolate hazelnut croissant but we still prefer the almond croissant. The fourth was a raisin custard swirl which I also didn’t get to try. I was surprised at my willpower. A little taste was good enough for me.
La Boulange SF- almond croissant-1

I’m glad I went in La Boulange Bakery. Their pastries are really good. I will definitely try their food and salads the next time I go back to San Francisco.

La Boulange Bakery
222 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94108

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