Nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop

Have I ever mentioned before that I love nachos ☺?  I’ve read mixed reviews about Heramanos Taco Shop but I had to try their nachos myself and be the judge. I pass by Granada Avenue every Tuesday and it was only last week that I finally noticed Hermanos Taco Shop. My eyes seem to always focusContinue reading “Nachos at Hermanos Taco Shop”

Joe Nachos at SM Megamall

Sometime I fear going to SM Megamall because I always discover something new to eat. Sometimes I can resist it but this time I didn’t even think twice. Nachos are one of my favorite foods. It’s definitely my favorite Mexican food. I don’t even remember why I went to SM Megamall but as soon asContinue reading “Joe Nachos at SM Megamall”

Lunch at Pino Resto Bar

I’m always on the lookout for good Filipino restaurants in Manila to bring balikbayans to. I’ve read about Pino but I didn’t feel like going to their original branch in Quezon City. I was glad they opened a new branch in Jupiter St. in Makati. The restaurant was next to Mangetsu. My friend Ariel cameContinue reading “Lunch at Pino Resto Bar”

Dinner at Órale! Taqueria Mexicana

I’ve been wanting to try the food at Órale! for the longest time but somehow it always slips my mind with all the new restaurants popping up here and there. It was a miracle that I finally remembered it a few weeks ago. The menu was your typical Mexican fast food menu but they hadContinue reading “Dinner at Órale! Taqueria Mexicana”

Dinner at Napa Restaurant & Bar

Rochelle and Chris wanted to see my cousin Angie since she was a gracious host to us when we went to Taipei two years ago. We were thinking of a restaurant that was kid friendly and at the same time something new. Warren suggested Napa Restaurant & Bar in Quezon City. Napa and 8 SpicesContinue reading “Dinner at Napa Restaurant & Bar”

Off The Grid: Food Trucks at Fort Mason Center

Food trucks are really popular in the USA specially in San Francisco. I didn’t think I would be able to eat at one considering my short stay in the city. After dropping off my luggage at the Marriott hotel Kit surprised me by saying we were going to Fort Mason Center where all the foodContinue reading “Off The Grid: Food Trucks at Fort Mason Center”

Dinner at Agave Mexican Cantina

Recently our HS classmate, Lily came home from California after many, many years. We met up with her for drinks and some Mexican chow at Agave Mexican Cantina at The Fort.pic c/o Florence The place was surprisingly full considering we arrived at 6:30 pm on a Friday night. The restaurant/bar had a good mix ofContinue reading “Dinner at Agave Mexican Cantina”