Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-26
Last weekend was a bunch of firsts for me. First time to use NAIA Terminal 3, first time to take Cebu Pacific and first time to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. It was truly a wonderful weekend. I just wish it could have lasted longer.

Some friends warned me that there were long lines going in to Terminal 3. I arrived at 6:00 am for my 7:55 flight and the lines to gates 1 to 3 were indeed really, really long. I wondered if I would make my flight. Thankfully I met a friendly porter who suggested we walk to gate 6 where there were no lines. He was right! The 1 minute walk was so worth it. I went in right away. The porter deserved his tip.

When I got to Cebu Pacific’s counter with my printed boarding pass there was no line again. It took 1 minute to check in my luggage. It was the same thing with paying the terminal fee and going through immigration. I finished everything in 10 minutes maximum.

The airport was very modern and clean. I just can’t imagine if all the airlines would transfer here. They have to improve the procedure of getting in to the airport or it would be an even bigger chaos. Also the airport doesn’t seem big enough to accommodate more airlines.
Naia Terminal 3

I passed by so many restaurants and coffee shops. The airport definitely had more choices than terminals 1 and 2. The free wifi also worked.

I was impressed with this store called Pasalubong Philippines which carried food stuff from all over the Philippines.
Pasalubong Philippines

It’s a mecca for balikbayans and tourists to have one last chance to buy native goodies.
Pasalubong Philippines-1

Pasalubong Philippines-2

I had a cup of drip coffee at Bo’s Coffee and waited for my flight to be called. Somehow their drip coffee didn’t taste as good as the one I had at their branch in Ayala Center Cebu the previous weekend. I wonder why?
Bo's Coffee

I really appreciated Cebu Pacific’s online check-in, printing of boarding pass and seat selection. I got row 1 and it was soooo spacious! The plane was so new it actually smelled new. The best thing was the flight left on time.
Cebu Pacific

After a short snooze I was surprised to hear the flight crew announce a ‘guess the song’ game complete with prizes. They took turns singing Filipino and English songs. Too bad I wasn’t able to guess any title since I wanted that multi-currency wallet he’s holding.
Cebu Pacific-1

We were billeted at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel which was decorated in an art deco style reminiscent of old Hollywood. It was classy and appealing to both kids and adults.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-1

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-2

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-3

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-23
Studio Lounge

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-4

One of the many hidden Micky’s in the property.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-5

Our room had two big firm and comfortable beds. The pillows were the feather kind that flattened. I wish I had more pillows!  There were also 3 pairs of disposable slippers sized papa, mama and little one.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-6

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-14
towel creature 1

The tv remote control in our room didn’t work but I managed to use the tv’s controls and saw several cartoon channels. What else right? 😀 Who has time to watch tv anyway when you’re in the happiest place on earth?
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-7

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-13

A closet without doors actually made sense!
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-15

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-8

Again 3 paper cups for papa, mama and little one. Too cute!!!
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-9

I took home the really nice travel toothbrush. Aren’t their towel creatures cute???
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-10
towel creature 2

The shower had a useful handheld shower. I see this feature in more hotels now.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-11

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-12

Our first room had this view of the pool and the next town. Too bad it was hazy.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-16

You can see the really big property behind our hotel including the pool.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-17

This is the back and other wing of the hotel.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-18

We requested to move to a room across the hall and got an even better view of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. They had a lots of room for expansion of the park or more hotels.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-19

We also got a better view of the South China sea.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-20

This is the back of the hotel during the day.

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-24

It was even more dramatic at night.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-29

The pool was closed due to the cold weather.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-25

The Piano Pool Bar resembled the Hollywood Bowl’s amphitheater.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-27

Disney's Hollywood Hotel-28

The Studio Lounge at night.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-30
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-22

By some stroke of luck we never had to wait for the shuttle to go to Hong Kong Disneyland hotel or Disneyland.
Disney's Hollywood Hotel-21

We were very pleased with Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Housekeeping was impeccable and all the staff were friendly and helpful. It’s definitely a great place to stay on your next visit to Disneyland Hong Kong.

7 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

  1. Nice room.  I never like hotel rooms coffees taste not good so I bring my own from Trader Joes for I like their taste and some dark hot chocolate mix which sometime mix with coffee for mocha drinks.


  2. I agree Betty! Most hotel rooms have only instant coffee or horrible filter coffee. That’s a good idea! What’s a good dark hot chocolate mix you can recommend? So far I like Ghirardelli. Others are too sweet or not dark enough.


  3.  That is hard to say for mine is Ghirardelli not too sweet and hope you like it too.  I like to taste flavor not sugar in food. Which reason I love French pastries more than American ones too sweet.


  4. We really loved Hollywood Hotel. It’s a great take on the nostalgic American glitz and glamour era. Disneyland really knows how to create some of the magical experiences, no matter what age you are :)We documented all of that (including the proposal :P)http://www.lynne-enroute.com/tag/disneyland/ 


  5. We actually went to HK last Feb 18-21 this year and we were at Disneyland on 20. Seeing your pictures makes me want to booked right now =) I miss the cold weather and the clean surrounding in HK. Nice Pictures by the way.


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