Dinner at Sushi One

Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- dynamite $7.95.50
Our driver, aka cousin Sidney, was too tired to drive after the horrible traffic we passed through earlier. He decided we were going to eat nearby at Sushi One.

I immediately told him I don’t really eat raw fish and rice but he said, “don’t worry!” With that cryptic advice I just shuddered and wondered what food awaited me.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)

Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)-001

The rest of our dinner group was already there waiting for us – my cousin Kenneth (La and Sid’s eldest brother) and his lovely wife Dianne with Sid’s kids, Kenjie and Ryan.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)-002

Warning this picture is the only truly Japanese food in this entry. Everything after will not be recognized by a Japanese national. Welcome to California. Moshi moshi, domo arigato.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- edamame $2.50
edamame $2.50

These mussels were huge and simply to-die-for!!! Sesame mayonnaise topped the mussels and broiled until hot. You know what they say – mayonnaise makes everything good. In this case it’s true! It was creamy and a bit sweet just the way Filipinos like it.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- baked green mussels $5.50
baked green mussels $5.50

If I only knew how much food was still coming I wouldn’t even have tried these two fried dishes although the chicken was not bad at all. The kids loved this.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- sesame chicken $6.95
sesame chicken $6.95

The calamari was plain awful. These unknown objects were hard and definitely came out of a bag from the freezer.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- calamari rings $6.95
calamari rings $6.95

Spicy tuna is one kind of raw fish I eat. Unlike other versions I’ve tried which were drowning in mayonnaise this wasn’t. The tuna was finely chopped and the heat was just perfect. I loved it together with the salad made up of cucumber, fresh daikon and spring mix lettuce.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- spicy tuna salad $8.95
spicy tuna salad $8.95

Here’s where the fun begins. All the following dishes were created by some genius mastermind for the American market to enjoy sushi. None of these dishes resemble real sushi found in Japan or authentic Japanese restaurants. If a Japanese sushi chef should see these he will probably faint.

Sad to say I loved it all. Shame on me I know and I apologize to all the gourmands out there but when it comes to sushi I’m 100% jologs. Sid was quite amused at the way I gushed and moaned with each bite.

Why don’t we have dynamite in Manila? Dynamite is made up of baked scallop, shrimp, crab, mushroom, soy bean with masago & eel sauce. That’s what the menu said. None of the seafood was probably fresh but the total dish was creamy, super umami, and just plain delicious. I loved the burnt bits too. I’m sure this would be a big hit in Manila.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- dynamite $7.95.50
dynamite $7.95

Oh how I love dynamite. I can just imagine eating this with sushi rice on the side. Lettuce would be good too.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- dynamite $7.95 -001

Can you guess what this is?
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- blooming onion roll $10.95

Yup that was fried onion strips. Only an evil genius could come up with something as American as fried onion strips and adding it to a sushi roll filled with spicy tuna and topped with albacore tuna and avocado. He knew the contrast in textures and flavors would be a big hit.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- blooming onion roll $10.95-001
blooming onion roll $10.95

The next two creations are another American invention or accident. Maybe one day a chef dropped sushi in a vat of hot oil and discovered it was yummy. The tempura roll was born. Americans fry everything, from Twinkies, butter, ice cream, chocolate bars. Why not sushi?

This roll actually didn’t have rice in it. The filling was made of salmon and albacore and deep fried. The sauce was spicy mayo. I just tried a piece since I was already so full. It was just ok.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- red & while roll $8.95
red & while roll $8.95

Take your usual California roll, dip it in tempura batter and deep fry the baby. It was actually good but the rice was too mushy. I was lucky enough to get a piece because my young nephew, Ryan, literally inhaled it all and all the rolls disappeared in a flash.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- California tempura roll $6.95
California tempura roll $6.95

Yipee more fried food. Breaded scallops fried side by side with sushi rolls filled with crabmeat and avocado.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- crunch scallop roll $8.95
crunch scallop roll $8.95

Looks more authentic? Yeah… sushi roll stuffed with crabmeat and topped with baked eel and avocado.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- eel & avocado roll $8.95
eel & avocado roll $8.95

Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)-018

Yup another successful wipeout! Despite all the Franken-sushi I really enjoyed our dinner. I happily told Sidney I don’t mind going to Sushi One again on my next trip. He was happy to hear that. But I can’t wait for Mary’s plan on our next meal. That excited me more.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)-017

Ryan’s dessert. Yum.
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)- green tea ice cream $2.95
green tea ice cream $2.95

Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)-019
Sushi One (Valencia, Ca)-020

Sushi One menu
appetizer, salad, sashimi, tempura roll, fresh & baked roll,
dinner combination, lunch combination, beverages & dessert

Sushi One
28267 Newhall Ranch Rd. Valencia, CA 91355
telephone: (661) 775-2789

3 thoughts on “Dinner at Sushi One

  1. I really like the tuna tartare photo very much.  Since I from Hawaii I would use poke and chop it fine and have it with baggette toasted thin slice.  Some time smoked salmon is not bad also only place in San Francisco sell poke is Bristol Farm in Westfield Mall.


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