Sweet Lady Jane

Sweet Lady Jane - 7 layer mocha cake
After a healthy lunch at Lemonade we deserved the best unhealthy cakes and sweets Los Angeles can offer and that’s at Sweet Lady Jane.

If Sweet Lady Jane sounds familiar to you it’s because they made the wedding cake of Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi.
Sweet Lady Jane-001

Sweet Lady Jane-002

Sweet Lady Jane-003

I was really full from lunch so I couldn’t choose which cake to try.
Sweet Lady Jane-005

Sweet Lady Jane-004
date oatmeal bar

Sidney chose this 7 layer mocha cake. It was just ok for me. There was more buttercream than cake and there wasn’t much mocha flavor. I did love the thick chocolate glaze outside the cake. We also shared a large French press coffee. That was good!
Sweet Lady Jane -008
seven layer mocha cake

I couldn’t resist buying a date oatmeal bar and chocolate pillow cookie to take home. I couldn’t resist anything with dates or figs.
Sweet Lady Jane- date oatmeal bar
date oatmeal bar $2

When I was in Virginia the cookies I bought remained soft and chewy until the next day. These cookies were rock hard the next day. It must be the weather. Despite being hard I still enjoyed the super dark and rich chocolate cookie studded with lots of chocolate chips.
Sweet Lady Jane- chocolate pillow
chocolate pillow $4

We loved the apple tarte tatin with it’s thin, flaky crust. The apples were crunchy and the flavor was excellent.
Sweet Lady Jane- apple tarte tatin
apple tarte tatin 

Sweet Lady Jane-012
moi with Mary and Sidney

Sweet Lady Jane menu
cake menu

Sweet Lady Jane menu-001
lunch menu

On the way back home we encountered really bad traffic. It was due to this truck that overturned. Our normal 45 minute trip took more than 2 hours. It felt just like I was back in Manila. Only much worse.
L.A. traffic accident

L.A. traffic accident-001

Sweet Lady Jane
1631 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA
Bakery Telephone: 310-254-9499
Sun-Wed 6:30am-10:00pm
Thurs-Sat 6:30am-11:00pm
Lunch Daily 11:00am-6:00pm

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