Smoothies from The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

White Hat Italian Yogurt- strawberry cheesecake smoothie P150-001
I received a couple of gift certificates to try out White Hat’s smoothies. Since I can’t really drink an entire glass I brought my officemate Tina to SM Mega Mall one hot afternoon to have some cold treats.

I’ve tried White Hat’s yogurt before and I really like it. I always get a plain frozen yogurt without any toppings.
White Hat Italian Yogurt-007

White Hat Italian Yogurt-008

White Hat Italian Yogurt menu

There was only one person behind the counter. She was getting something on the floor.
White Hat Italian Yogurt-015

Ahhh milk. Not enough chiller or cabinets?
White Hat Italian Yogurt

White Hat Italian Yogurt-016

White Hat Italian Yogurt menu-003

We chose the mango cream pie smoothie made with fresh mango (really small amount), walnut streusel, milk and yogurt.
White Hat Italian Yogurt-walnut streusel
walnut streusel

There was hardly any mango flavor. I found the flavor from the walnut streusel overwhelmed the taste of the smoothie. I would have preferred the streusel be sprinkled on top of the smoothie instead. I also wished I could taste the tangy yogurt more. Instead all I tasted was ice and milk.
White Hat Italian Yogurt- mango cream pie smoothie P150

I was glad to see fresh strawberries so we ordered the strawberry cheesecake smoothie.
White Hat Italian Yogurt-001

You can see the 3-4 strawberries and a tablespoon of cheesecake bits.
White Hat Italian Yogurt- strawberry cheesecake smoothie P150

We liked this so much better probably due to the addition of Monin strawberry syrup which amped up the flavor of the smoothie. The cheesecake was negligible though. I loved their wood spoons!!!
White Hat Italian Yogurt- strawberry cheesecake smoothie P150-001

Check out all the fun ways to eat your frozen yogurt.
White Hat Italian Yogurt menu-001

White Hat Italian Yogurt menu-002

The waffles look interesting too.
White Hat Italian Yogurt menu-004

White Hat Italian Yogurt menu-005

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt
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SM Mega Mall Building B
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2 thoughts on “Smoothies from The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

  1. I always choose fresh strawberries for my yogurt whenever possible. I find it very refreshing. Now that White Hat has strawberry smoothie, I have more reasons to love White Hat even more. I will try this as soon as possible. 🙂


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