New Dishes at Lugang Cafe

new dishes at Lugang Cafe- Hong Kong style aroma salted chicken P490
I ate at Lugang Cafe too often last year specially in September, my birthday month. I went cold turkey and stopped going there for a while.

When my mom’s cousin Judie and hubby Rome came home for a visit from Las Vegas and specifically requested to eat at Lugang Cafe I knew it was time to go back.

I was so happy they had new dishes which we immediately ordered.
new dishes at Lugang Cafe

new dishes at Lugang Cafe-001

Isn’t this a very unique and interesting way of serving abalone mushrooms? It was a cold and appetizing dish which made it a good appetizer.
new dishes at Lugang Cafe- Abalone Mushroom and Jelly Fish P220
abalone mushroom and jelly fish P220

I liked the smokey tasting chicken specially all the lovely fried shallots on top that were so aromatic. It was a bit oily though. My mom likes the chicken topped with scallion & ginger oil more.
new dishes at Lugang Cafe- Hong Kong style aroma salted chicken P490
Hong Kong style aroma salted chicken P490

The squid was perfectly crisp yet tender. The sauce was sweeter than I expected and it reminded me of lemon chicken. As much as I loved the squid I think I will order their salt and pepper version instead. I’m not too fond of sweet food. That’s strictly reserved for dessert.
new dishes at Lugang Cafe- honey garlic squid P320
honey garlic squid P320

Rome liked his thick and rich strawberry smoothie.
new dishes at Lugang Cafe- strawberry smoothie
strawberry smoothie P228

new dishes at Lugang Cafe-006
Rome and Judie

I made a list of my favorite dishes from Lugang Cafe so you can print it out or copy it into your cellphone for quick access. And I did order these four dishes for this dinner and needless to say our balikbayan guests enjoyed them very much. For pictures of all the dishes below click here.

What I always order in Lugang Cafe (MUST)

  1. Pork Xiao Long Bao (best in Manila IMHO)
  2. Taiwanese Stewed Minced Pork
  3. Beef With Chinese Crullers
  4. Soft Tofu & Mushroom In Abalone Sauce (my super duper favorite)
  1. Steamed Lapu Lapu with Crispy Tauso
  2. String Beans With Salted Egg or Minced Pork
  3. Mixed Mushroom With X.O Sauce
  4. Spicy Garlic Fish In Clay Pot
  5. Enoki Mushroom, Radish & Fish Cake Soup (try this!!)
  6. Pan Fried Dumplings
  7. Mango and/or Peanut Butter Shaved Ice

Since the dishes are small you can order all of these!! There are many more but these are my absolute favorites. What are your favorites at Lugang Cafe?

Lugang Cafe 
Northeast Greenhills 
115 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan 
telephone: 775-7599 / 09176992254 
Mall Of Asia 
G/F 136-137 Main Mall South Wing, 1174-1176 SM Mall Of Asia, Pasay City telephone: 555-0219 / 0916-2140822 

One thought on “New Dishes at Lugang Cafe

  1. I absolutely loved the Soft Tofu & Mushroom in abalone sauce! I actually just read your blog about your fave dishes in Lugang Cafe and I tried the aforementioned well-recommended dish. The tofu’s silky soft and the sauce perfect complements the fusion of mushrooms and tofu without overpowering each taste. wonderful!


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