Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan-011
I just left 18 Grams full and happy when I checked out what else was nearby using Yelp. I was surprised when the magical words “Tim Ho Wan” came out. Who doesn’t know about Hong Kong’s cheapest Michelin Star restaurant opened by a former chef of Lung King Heen?

I’ve been wanting to try Tim Ho Wan forever but never found the time. Armed with my iPhone’s Google map I found Kwong Wa Street a short 3 minutes walk from Gala Place.
Tim Ho Wan

There wasn’t anything much on this except this street save for this small, simple restaurant with lots of people waiting outside. I knew then I found the right place and not because I could read the Chinese words.
Tim Ho Wan-001

Tim Ho Wan-006

This was at 4:30 pm!!! I guess there are lines outside Tim Ho Wan at from the time they open until they close. I can just imagine the lines during lunch and dinner hours.
Tim Ho Wan-007

The restaurant was very small and very full.
Tim Ho Wan-002

Tim Ho Wan-003

There was even a couple of foreigners. That’s how popular Tim Ho Was is.
Tim Ho Wan-004

Tim Ho Wan-005

Since I was so full and didn’t want to wait in line I just decided to order for take out. There were so many dim sum that caught my eye but I ordered their most famous item, the baked bun with bbq pork which happened to be my favorite too.
Tim Ho Wan menu
Tim Ho Wan’s menu

An order of baked bun with bbq pork has 3 pieces for HK$15 and I got 3 orders. They charged HK$2 for the take out box. My take out took less than 15 minutes to come out.
Tim Ho Wan-008

The buns were piping hot. They were just a tad smaller than in other restaurants but these had a sweet crunchy topping which others don’t have.
Tim Ho Wan- baked bun with bbq pork
baked buns with bbq pork HK$15 / 3 pieces

I just had to try one while it was hot. Oh my, oh my it was fantastic! The bread literally melted in my mouth and the filling was perfectly tender, saucy and had the right balance of salty and sweet. I had some at room temperature the next morning and it was still so good.

I can’t wait to try their fried bean curd sheet roll and sticky rice in lotus leaf next. Please do try their dim sum!! It’s worth the wait I promise.
Tim Ho Wan- baked bun with barbecued pork

I’m sad that this branch has closed as of January 2013.

Tim Ho Wan
Shop 8, Taui Yuen Mansion Phase 2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
telephone: (852) 2332-2896

The newest branch of Tim Ho Wan is at:
Shop 72, G/F, Olympian City 2, 18 Hoi Ting Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: 2332 2896

7 thoughts on “Tim Ho Wan

  1. Leslie, I think it better to takeout than to sit in to eat .  You really got a good deal on those pork buns.  I check it out and order takeout.  Last time I order takeout at McD Cafe worker did not understand To Go so I said again take it out and that she understood well.


  2. Hi Leslie! I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog, but this is my first time to comment. I noticed in previous posts that you dislike food that’s too fragrant, and I have to say a lot of the food in Tim Ho Wan is mabango, which I disliked.  My friend & I ordered the buns, the sticky rice in lotus leaf (it’s sort of like machang, right?), the shrimp dumplings, the pork dumplings, & the beef ball. Sadly, both of us were unhappy with almost all the orders except the pork buns.Maybe that day was just a fluke, since a lot of bloggers were absolutely raving about it. I felt tuloy that my palate was so unsophisticated haha. I guess I just don’t like overly fragrant, herby food. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the food, though.


  3. you were right in taking out the baked pork buns, they were the best thing on the menu. For other dimsum dishes, you can get better elsewhere. Take out is what we plan to do next time we’re there, no more crazy waiting to sit elbow to elbow with strangers.


  4. Cheap and cheerful dim sum! No long queue at hong kong station before 11am. Best pork buns ever. Thanks for the recommendation.


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