18 Grams

18 grams house coffee HK$28-001
With nothing better to do I sought out one of the better coffee places as listed on this site. I plan to check out all those places eventually but the closest to me was 18 Grams in Mongkok.

I’ve been to this part of Mongkok once or twice before but I’ve never gone inside Gala Place. The fastest way to get here is to take the MTR to Mongkok and take the E2 Bank Centre exit. The street right ahead of you is Sai Yeung Choi St. S and turn right and walk all the way to the end and you will see Gala Place on Dundas St. Along the way you will see lots of Broadway, Fortress, CitiCall and other electronics and camera stores.
18 grams (Mongkok, HK)

18 Grams is in the basement of Gala Place. The entrance is next to Starbucks.
18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-001

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-002
Gala Place basement

There were a few restaurants in the basement including a shabu shabu restaurant which looked quite interesting.
18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-004

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-005

The place was very small. I had to wait in line for a table. This was around 3:30 pm. I guess people were having their afternoon tea.
18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-008

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-009

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-012

This was the coffee beans used for my house coffee. A 100g bag of beans sells for $58
18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-010

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-011

Since I was dissatisfied with my lunch at Serenade Chinese Restaurant I had a light afternoon snack of smoked turkey cubes, green apple, celery, raisins, honey toasted walnuts with a few leaves of salad greens and honey mustard mayonnaise. It was a pretty good and satisfying salad. I’m glad I requested the ultra sweet dressing on the side. Just a little dab was more than enough.
smoked turkey waldorf salad HK$58
smoked turkey waldorf salad HK$58

I was thrilled to discover really, really amazing coffee. The coffee was dark, rich and complex. I felt like I was back in San Francisco enjoying Third Wave coffee. Just look at the thick crema. I will definitely be back to fill up the frequency card they gave me.
18 grams house coffee HK$28
house coffee HK$28

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-006
18 Grams menu

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-007

18 grams (Mongkok, HK)-013

18 Grams 
B04, 56 Dundas Street, Gala Place Basement, Mong Kok
telephone: (852) 2770-1339
Monday-Sunday: 11:30a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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