Good Eats at Dundas St., Mongkok

Wonder Farm Hong Kong
I went to Dundas St. in Mongkok just to try the coffee at 18 Grams. I ended up finding Tim Ho Wan and discovering a street filled with lots of food stalls selling everything from frozen yogurt to stinky tofu.

I went in a shop called Wonder Farm and found lots of interesting food products. The pictures of the wagyu steaks were what caught my attention.
Wonder Farms Wagyu Express

They sold an assortment of food items from Korea, Japan, Italy and France.
Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-2

They also carried Milk Top brand ice cream from Hokkaido Japan.
Milk Top ice cream
Milk Top ice cream

Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-3

Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-4

Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-5

Next time I will try one of these steaks.
Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-6

Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-7

Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-8

Next door was a traditional Chinese bake shop.
Wonder Farms Wagyu Express-9

Here’s where the fun begins. The frontage of all these food stores was a narrow sidewalk filled with people eating on the street.
Dundas St. - good eats
pizza cone, frozen yogurt
Dundas St. - good eats-1

Dundas St. - good eats-2

Ireland’s Potato

Dundas St. - good eats-3

Fancy some dim sum?
Dundas St. - good eats-4

Dundas St. - good eats-6
King of Coconut

Popular bubble waffles are a mainstay in Hong Kong’s food streets.
Dundas St. - good eats-8

Dundas St. - good eats- waffle

Here’s something familiar – Gong Cha!
Dundas St. - good eats- Gong Cha

I guess the frozen yogurt craze has hit Hong Kong too.
Dundas St. - good eats- Yoppi Express

This is the typical cook-to-order street food found in many streets in Mongkok. You have to try any one of their snacks at least once.
Dundas St. - good eats-12


From Dundas St. you will also hit the Ladies Night Market at Tung Choi street.
HK ladies market

It’s fun just to walk along this street and try to spot some bargains. Don’t forget to haggle the price! The next time I go back to Dundas St. I will go with an empty stomach.
HK ladies market-1

Wonder Farm
Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, 22B Shop (Dundas Street)
telephone: 852 2789 0363

6 thoughts on “Good Eats at Dundas St., Mongkok

  1. This street seem more cleaner and newer.  Tourists will like it very much.  They will like the takeout dim sum.


  2. Leslie, sometime I perfer a spingroll and instead frying I make with cooked filling and wrap it in springroll wrapers and baked it.  Less fat in it and very crispy still.  Serve with rice noodle or rice and sauce.


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