Discovery Shores Boracay

Discovery Shores Boracay
My first view of Discovery Shores was through their rear entrance which was quite unremarkable.

My disappointment in the entrance was quickly erased by their smiling staff who offered me a cold drink as well as the nice guys who carried my bag and showed me to my room.
Discovery Shores Boracay-001

Discovery Shores Boracay-003

A beautiful layout and pool area was the trade-off for rooms not having an ocean view. But then who needs a view when you can experience the pristine beach and water just a few steps from your room.
Discovery Shores Boracay-005

Discovery Shores Boracay-006

Yes, the sand is blindingly white and fine.
Discovery Shores Boracay-007

Most hotels charge for drinks but here they gave away snow cones. They had dalandan and grape flavors that day.
Discovery Shores Boracay-009

I understand why Discovery Shores has won so many accolades world wide. They are so many small and unexpected touches around the hotel. Free cookies don’t cost much but say more specially to cookie monsters like me.
Discovery Shores Boracay-008

I was so lucky to be invited to join my friend and her family in their first trip to Boracay. Her parents stayed in a 1 bedroom suite. This was their living/dining room. 2 people could sleep on those comfy sofa beds.
Discovery Shores Boracay 1 br suite

We hanged around in this room when we weren’t in the beach.
Discovery Shores Boracay 1 br suite-001
one bedroom suite

Discovery Shores Boracay 1 br suite-002

This was our room, a junior suite which was the smallest room in the hotel. It had a very comfortable day bed which I slept on. This room is good for 3-4 people.
Discovery Shores Boracay room
junior suite

There were enough outlets for all our gadgets. That’s not my laptop. I was there for just pure r&r!
Discovery Shores Boracay room-004

The bathroom was not the best I’ve seen but it was simple and modern.
Discovery Shores Boracay bathroom

There were small bottles of Molton Brown toiletries and much bigger sized in-house brand.
Discovery Shores Boracay toiletries

Discovery Shores Boracay room ammenities

Discovery Shores Boracay room ammenities-001

You’ll never go hungry in this hotel with free snacks like pili nuts, cookies and dried mangoes constantly refilled.
Discovery Shores Boracay room ammenities-002

Both rooms had books you can borrow. How did they know that these 3 were some of my favorite authors?
Discovery Shores Boracay room ammenities-003

The best way to soak in Discovery Shores’ hospitality was relaxing on the beach loungers while drinking their refreshing pandan water. I loved this lightly sweetened water so much I must have drank a liter on my first day.
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering - pandan water
pandan water

At exactly 5:00 pm six staff members arrived bearing treats. I was speechless.
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering-001

First I was offered a cold mist of orange mint, cucumber or plain Evian. The cool mist on my face, arms and legs was a pleasant relief from the humidity.
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering-002

A flower for behind my ear. Aww….
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering- flower for your hair

Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering- bacon wrapped hotdog

I got a piece of hotdog wrapped in bacon.
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering- bacon wrapped hotdog

Mango pops? Yes please. These were so creamy and delicious. They’d make a killing if they sold it.
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering- mango pops

Fresh fruits? Yes! But I didn’t have any hands left. One hand held on to the hotdog while the other was busy with my mango pop. Darn they should give us plates too! 😀 Did you notice all their sincere smiles? It’s more fun in the Philippines!!!
Discovery Shores Boracay beach pampering- fresh fruit

Even in the height of summer Station 1 wasn’t crowded. I will always stay in Station 1.

I wore the slippers provided by the hotel.
Boracay -002

I love these shots of the sunset in Boracay.
Boracay sunset

Boracay sunset-001

This is what Discovery Shores look like at night.
Discovery Shores Boracay by night-002

Discovery Shores Boracay by night-003

Our room was on the ground floor and just after the pool. I loved it’s location.
Discovery Shores Boracay by night-001

When we got back to our room after dinner more goodies awaited us. The leche flan was so creamy and sweet.
Discovery Shores Boracay goodies- leche flan

Even better was the pichi pichi which was one of the best I’ve eaten. Really gooey with just the right amount of sugar and fresh coconut.
Discovery Shores Boracay goodies - pichi pichi
pichi pichi

Discovery Shores Boracay goodies-001

We already received free cloth tote bags earlier in the day so we were surprised to find more gifts from the hotel.
Discovery Shores Boracay goodies-003

We each got cell phone dry boxes!! I used mine the next day. Thanks again Discovery Shores.
Discovery Shores Boracay goodies-004

Discovery Shores Boracay room-003

Discovery Shores Boracay<a href=

Discovery Shores Boracay room-006

My first night was capped with an in-room massage by a masseuse we met outside the hotel who only charged us P400 an hour. It was so gracious of the hotel to allow them to massage the guests even though the hotel had their own spa and massage services. I had an amazing sleep that night.
in room massage

These are just some of the reasons why Discovery Shores is one of the best if not the best hotel to stay in Boracay. It’s worth every peso or dollar I tell you.

Discovery Shores Boracay 
Station 1, Balabag Boracay Island
5608 Malay, Aklan Philippines
telephone: (63 36) 288-4500 / (63 2) 720-8888

Manila Sales and Reservations Office
Discovery Center
25 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City
telephone: (632) 720-8888
direct lines: (632) 719-6692 to 719-6695/719-6697/719-6699


5 thoughts on “Discovery Shores Boracay

  1. it sure looked like anyone would get their money’s worth in this hotel. free snacks, books to read, accommodating staff, great amenities, i mean wow. i’ve never been to boracay, i will sure keep this hotel in mind if i get a chance to go there.


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