FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard

As a food blogger I sometimes get free stuff to review. Sometime they email me informing me of the products I will expect. Sometimes said products never arrive. Often times I receive them as promised.

The best products are those I don’t expect at all like this box from FIC or Fruits in Ice Cream. Normally it takes me a while to review these products since I prioritze my travels or restaurant meals. But when I receive something this nicely packaged and well thought of campaign I didn’t waste time in shooting and eating the ice cream.
FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard

FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard-001

I was so surprised to find 3 pints of frozen custard.
FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard-002

It also came with toppings to make different custard concoctions. How cute is that?
FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard-003

A recipe card was provided too. But of course I just had to try my own creations right?
FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard-004

I’m not much of an ice cream lover. As a matter of fact I never buy ice cream in the supermarket. Eating ice cream usually makes me cough since I usually find it too sweet. But FIC’s frozen custard was so creamy and not cloyingly sweet that I didn’t cough at all.

My first creation was straight off their recipe card since the cheesecake flavored frozen custard was just perfect with the blueberry sauce and graham cracker crumbs. This was my second favorite flavor. It tasted like smooth and mild cheesecake.
FIC blueberry cheesecake frozen custard-001
blueberry cheese frozen custard

The brownie batter frozen custard was my favorite flavor. I would have gladly eaten it plain but the addition of sliced almonds made it even better. The chocolate flavor wasn’t too intense but it was enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings.
brownie batter frozen custard
brownie batter frozen custard

French vanilla is one flavor I would never buy. I was thinking what can I do to vanilla frozen custard to make it something I would love?
French vanilla frozen custard
French vanilla frozen custard

I know! I’ll pour my favorite espresso on the vanilla custard and make an affogato, a traditional Italian treat which I adore.

Did you notice the reflection on the stainless cup? I just realized the hazards of using reflective containers in photography while I was shooting this.
frozen custard affogato

Affogato made with frozen custard was even yummier. Now I love vanilla frozen custard. Thanks FIC for letting me try all these fab flavors.
frozen custard affogato

Media Kit write up

FIC Vermont Classic Frozen Custard is now available in their scoop shops around town as well as in  Lulubelle in Power Plant and Makati Med.

Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC)

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