Regent Soft Cookies

Regent Soft Cookies-003
There’s a new product out in Manila’s supermarkets, Regent Food’s Soft Cookies.

I was sent a basket of all the Soft Cookie variants. You can see which one I opened first.
Regent Soft Cookies

These cookies were inspired by popular Japanese soft cookies. There are three fruit flavors -mango, strawberry and melon plus chocolate which isn’t a fruit but better.
Regent Soft Cookies in mango, strawberry, melon & chocolate

These super delicate cookies are individually packed in a hard plastic container to keep it’s shape.
Regent Soft Cookies-002

I thought the cookies would taste like Fig Newtons but these were much softer and very crumbly. All the fruit flavors tasted good and not too sweet. The fillings were like jam but harder and almost impossible for me to cut straight without all the cookie disintegrating. It was meant to be bitten into and enjoyed.

The chocolate filled cookie contained a dark chocolate paste that was intense and not cloyingly sweet. It was quite satisfying to eat these cookies. Try them for a change and I think you’ll like it too.
Regent Chocolate Soft Cookies

Regent Foods Corporation

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