La Crêperie

Rochelle and I recently played hooky on a weekday and watched a movie who’s title I’d rather not mention. While the movie was regrettable our lunch after was not.

One of our very last meals in Paris was at a crêperie. We stuffed our faces with a wonderful dessert crêpe. Luckily you can get good crêpes in Manila too. And one of the places I like is La Crêperie. The first time I ate at La Crêperie I had a dessert crêpe. This time I wanted a savory crêpe and hopefully still have room for dessert too.
La Creperie

La Creperie-001

La Creperie-002

La Creperie savory crepe menu
savory crêpe menu

I’ve just realized Rochelle is Ms. Soup. She just has to have soup at every meal! The onion soup passed her taste specially with the thick layer of gooey cheese.
La Creperie- French onion soup
French onion soup

We were supposed to share the compléte crépe but she was full from the heavy soup so I ended up eating most of the crépe which I didn’t mind at all. The crépe was filled with ham, mushroom, Emmental and Gruyére cheeses and mustard and topped with a poached egg. It was really good! I just loved the tangy mustard combined with the cheeses. I barely noticed the ham and mushroom. The crépe  itself was firm yet soft and buttery. Together with the side salad it was indeed a complete meal. Darn no more room for dessert!
La Creperie- compléte crepe P265
compléte  crépe P265

La Crêperie
The Veranda, Level 2
Robinson’s Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City 1100

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