Madrid-Barajas Airport

Madrid-Barajas Airport
We landed in Madrid-Barajas airport more than 24 hours after I left my house in Manila. I should be tired and sleepy but when I saw the jaw dropping airport I was instantly invigorated.

Even the bridge-way from the airplane was beautiful.
Madrid-Barajas Airport-003

I liked the ceiling made of wood slats. It added warmth yet it was very modern. I preferred it much more to the all steel airports of Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

I won’t even comment on the airports of the Philippines. Dare I dream to see something even a tenth of this with Philippine Airlines’ future new airport?
Madrid-Barajas Airport-001

No yucky fluorescent lighting here just indirect reflective lights.
Madrid-Barajas Airport-002

Madrid-Barajas Airport-004

There were lots of shopping and dining options.
Madrid-Barajas Airport-005

Madrid-Barajas Airport-006

Madrid-Barajas Airport-007

The huge airport had many buildings and gates that were far so we had to take a train to go claim Rochelle’s luggage.
Madrid-Barajas Airport-008

Madrid-Barajas Airport-009

Madrid-Barajas Airport-010

The cubicles’ doors and partitions were all frosted glass.
Madrid-Barajas Airport-011

You can take the Metro to the city from the airport. We had to meet with my cousin Sharon who arrived from DC and was in another terminal so we took a free bus that dropped passengers to one of five terminals. As I said the airport was huge!!!
Madrid-Barajas Airport-012

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