Madrid: Tapas at La Muralla Bar-Restaurante

La Muralla Bar Restaurante- torreznos de Avila (fried pork belly) €8
We asked the staff our hotel’s front desk where locals go to eat tapas and he told us to go to the La Latina area which was lined with tapas restaurants.

We took the taxi and passed by this grand structure. Anybody know what this is?

Our taxi driver dropped us off here and said both sides of the street had good tapas but he suggested we  go to the left side heading to Plaza Puerto de Moros.
Teatro La Latina

La Latina Madrid

True enough there were many restaurants to choose from but there were hardly any people and it was 7:30 pm already. Some places were not even open yet.
La Latina Madrid-002

These are some of the typical tapas menus.
La Latina Madrid-001

La Latina Madrid-003

We met a Filipino waiter and asked him where all the people were. He said they usually come out starting 10:00 pm!  I don’t remember what finally made us choose La Muralla but it was okay and we only planned to eat some tapas and go to another place after.
La Muralla Bar Restaurante

Rochelle and I went inside to choose tapas while Sharon sat outside at our table. We wanted to surprise her with this yummy looking chicharon so we pointed to the waiter and indicated we wanted one order. He nodded and said, “si, chicharon.”
La Muralla Bar Restaurante-001

I’ve never liked olives but since these were free and I was in Spain I gave it another try. It was actually good not like the super salty olives I’ve tried before. This had a milder flavor.
La Muralla Bar Restaurante - sangria €13
sangria €13

At our first meal in Madrid we had fried boquerones or anchovies. I liked these fresh anchovies marinated in olive oil and vinegar so much better.
La Muralla Bar Restaurante- boquerones €8
boquerones €8

The manchego cheese marinated in oil was wonderful with bread.
La Muralla Bar Restaurante- Manchego cheese €12
Manchego cheese €12

When we inquired why our chicharon was taking so long since it was already cooked and sitting at the bar the waited replied in rapid Spanish and all we understood was it still being cooked. We assumed they wanted to give us freshly fried chicharon or pork rind. We were surprised when this came out. I exclaimed, “lechon kawali!”

It may look exactly like our Filipino favorite fried pork belly but this had a different flavor. The pork was cured first thus the pinkish color of the meat before it was fried. It had a smokey tasted just like bacon and it was super crispy. I don’t know what language confusion gave us torreznos instead of chicharon but we were all happy to have tried this.
La Muralla Bar Restaurante- torreznos de Avila (fried pork belly) €8-001
torreznos de Avila (fried pork belly) €8

The prices were very, very reasonable considering the portions were quite generous. Too bad I was too full to go to eat more tapas but I was craving for dessert.
La Muralla Bar Restaurante-007

La Muralla Bar-Restaurante
Plaza Puerta de Moros, 7 Madrid – Spain
telephone: 91 365-7560

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