Florence: Le Stanze dei Medici Bed & Breakfast

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B
In Florence we stayed at  Le Stanze dei Medici  a bed and breakfast (B&B) located in Via Cavour a street lined with many stores and restaurants. It’s also a short five minute walk to Piazza del Duomo where all the major tourist attractions are located. This place was highly recommended by my cousin-in-law Mary who stayed there before.

We had a misunderstanding with the manager of the B&B about our time of arrival so when we arrived there was no one to open the door for us. We rang the bell for more than five minutes with no results. We finally called them up and the manager came to let us in.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-001

There was a small elevator that barely fit 3 people.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-002

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-003

The small lobby had the manager’s table plus a refrigerator filled with water and soda. We thought the contents were free but were told to leave the payment on the table for the things we got. It’s much cheaper to buy drinks from the store next door. The tap water in Florence was potable so I drank that. The manager was kind enough to let us store some food in the refrigerator.

There were also two rooms located here.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-004

Our rooms were located along this brightly lit hallway. The lights were on sensor. The room at the end of the hallway was the breakfast room.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-005

Rochelle and I got room 2. We were given a set of 3 keys. One for the main door of the building, one for the B&B’s door and last for our room. I wish they could have given us two sets of keys for the times we wanted to go our own way.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-007

Our room was pretty basic but clean and the bed was quite comfy. I liked the bedpost perfect for resting my legs on after a full day of walking.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-008

The shower stall was small and I kept bumping into the sliding doors.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-009

Our most valuable resource was this clothesline I bought at the HK$10 store in Hong Kong. It’s probably available in Saizen in Manila since they carry the same things.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-010

Look at how Rochelle tied the clothesline in the small bathroom.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-011

This is what our bathroom looked like every morning. When we come home at night everything is dry. That’s how I packed light. Wash and wear.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-012

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-014

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-013

This was Sharon’s room. It was smaller but it had a walk in closet.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-015

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-016

Breakfast was included.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast-001

From their website: milk of Tuscany hills, fresh cappuccino on request, espresso coffee and american coffee made with arabica coffee blends, different range of teas, hot chocolate, muffin, barley, fruit juices, cornflakes, cereals, muesli, single portion jam, butter, honey, nutella, yogurt in assorted flavours, toast, cheese, rusks and biscuits.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast-002

On our first day I tried the packaged toast with the individually wrapped soft cheese. The croissant and the other packaged breads weren’t worth wasting my calories.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast-003

I stuck to yogurt for my breakfast.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast-005

The only thing I liked about the free breakfast was the unlimited Lavazza coffee.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast-004

The others drank the blood orange juice.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B Breakfast-006

Remember the best paella we had in Barcelona? We nuked it in the microwave and had the best breakfast.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-024

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-025
Via Cavour
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-026

In the three short days we were there they finished paving the road.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-027

Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-028

Next door was a liquor shop. We should have bought a bottle of limoncello to drink at our B&B.
Le Stanze dei Medici B&B-029

I was quite happy with the accommodations  and it was the cheapest in our entire trip. A night cost us €100 inclusive of all taxes. I loved the location but not the breakfast. The others in the group weren’t so thrilled with the ‘masungit‘ manager but I didn’t care. She was helpful in giving us directions and places to go.

Le Stanze dei Medici Bed & Breakfast
Via Camillo Cavour, 42 50129 Florence , Italy
telephone: +39 339 772 9247
e-mail: info@lestanzedeimedici.com

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