Florence: La Repubblica Ristorante

steak Florentine €24
Our first meal in Florence wasn’t very good. There were a lot of restaurants around Piazza Duomo and we tried our best to find a decent place to have dinner and ended up at La Repubblica.

Our first clue should have been the big group of tourists outside the restaurant. I should have realized they catered to big tourist groups who were usually in a hurry and had a limited budget.
La Repubblica Ristorante

La Repubblica Ristorante-001

La Repubblica Ristorante-002

In general the food wasn’t really that awful but it wasn’t something to write home about either. I’m just posting this so travelers to Florence can avoid this restaurant and find something better.
antipasto €9
antipasto €9

As you can see the risotto was quite dry and a bit too firm for our taste. Any Italian restaurant in Manila can do a better job with the risotto and ravioli. The food at  Amici in Manila tasted 1,000 times better than this.
risotto al funghi €9
risotto al funghi €9

This was my first past dish in a year and I was quite eager to eat creamy pasta without guilt. It looked okay but it was a waste of calories. The taste of mushroom was very insignificant and the whole dish was basically bland. At least it wasn’t expensive and maybe that was the reason. You get what you pay for.
Ravioli tartufati €9
Ravioli tartufati €9

Florence is known for it’s steak Florentine so Sharon, our family’s carnivore, ordered it. Out came a humongous T-bone steak that looked like it was grilled to perfection.
steak Florentine €24
steak Florentine €24

Sha said it wasn’t very good and any steak she cooked back in the US tasted much better. She still managed to finish it though it was her last steak in Italy.
steak Florentine €24-001

La Repubblica Ristorante
Via delle Oche, 20r 50122 Florence, Italy
telephone: 055 2396683

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