Florence: Locanda Dei Cantonieri

lasagna al ragu €6-001
Our very knowledgeable driver brought us to Locanda Dei Cantonieri, a quaint B&B ten minutes away from The Mall outlet for our lunch.

Locanda Dei Cantonieri

Locanda Dei Cantonieri-001

Locanda Dei Cantonieri-002

Locanda Dei Cantonieri-003

As soon as I saw the orange cake in the display I couldn’t wait til dessert.

Locanda Dei Cantonieri-005 Locanda Dei Cantonieri-004

The restaurant had only a few tables and we were lucky that there was a table for us.
Locanda Dei Cantonieri-006

Locanda Dei Cantonieri menu

That’s our nice and friendly driver on the right. He only spoke Mandarin and it was a good thing Rochelle and Sharon spoke it quite well since I had no contribution at all.

Locanda Dei Cantonieri-008 Locanda Dei Cantonieri-009

Locanda Dei Cantonieri-010

We weren’t given any plates so we poured the olive oil straight to the bread.
Locanda Dei Cantonieri-011

The tomatoes were so sweet!
insalata misto €4
insalata misto €4

I was so surprised to see so much shaved white truffles on Sharon’s carbonara and it only cost €6. This was the first time for me to try real truffles and I was disappointed that it wasn’t as good as I dreamt it would be. It didn’t taste like how it smelled. The pasta was quite dry and bland too. Sha had to douse it with lots of grated cheese to be able to eat it.
carbonara al tartufo
carbonara al tartufo €6

Rochelle’s pasta with mushroom sauce fared a little better.
tagliatelle ai porcini freschi €6
tagliatelle ai porcini freschi €6

The driver has eaten here numerous times and he chose the lasagna so I did too. It was actually quite good. The pasta was al dente and the cheese to meat ratio was just right. Not too wet or dry.
lasagna al ragu €6
lasagna al ragu €6

We loved both desserts.
ricotta cheesecake €4
ricotta cheesecake €4

Of the two I liked the orange cake better. I could taste the ground almonds in the cake and loved the bits of candied orange rind sauce on top.
Italian orange cake €4
Italian orange cake €4

Good espresso too.
espresso €1
espresso €1

We saw coperto in many of our checks. The amounts can range from €.50-4 depending on the restaurant. It’s basically means ‘cover charge’ and is charged per person in the table.

If you’re shopping at The Mall, dining at Locanda Dei Cantonieri is not a bad option. Maybe we should have tried some of their second (meat) instead of just the primi (pasta).

Locanda dei Cantonieri – Bar, Panini, vino & Cucina – B&B
Via Aretina, 50 Leccio, Reggello (FI)
telephone: 055. 0674258

5 thoughts on “Florence: Locanda Dei Cantonieri

  1. base on the picture the slices of truffle looked really dry, do you think it would have been better if it was cooked with olive oil and a little salt to bring out the flavor?


  2. Yes. but I think you would have enjoyed it more if it was mixed with a creamier or oilier type of sauce. the pasta looked too dry.


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