Florence: Osteria dell’Olio

We finally had a good meal in Florence thanks to Mary’s recommendation to eat at Osteria dell’Olio which was very near the Duomo.

Osteria dell'Olio

Osteria dell'Olio-002

Osteria dell'Olio-001

Osteria dell'Olio-003

I forgot what this bread was called but I really, really loved the nutty taste and chewy texture. Does anyone know what this is called?
Osteria dell'Olio-004

Everything on this plate was good and fresh.
Il Gran Toscano €14
Il Gran Toscano €14

I had a bite of this breaded veal cutlet smothered with mozarella cheese and it was fabulous!!
medaglinoni di vitella alla sorrentina €18
medaglinoni di vitella alla sorrentina €18

Somebody always orders mushroom pasta and so far this was the best version.
le fettucine al porcini freschi €14
le fettucine al porcini freschi €14

Rochelle and I shared this black squid ink pasta with cod fish fillet in a seafood broth and it was by far the best pasta we’ve eaten in Italy. The pasta was very al dente and already flavorful on it’s own.
tagliolini neri al bianco di baccala e ristretto di crostace €14
tagliolini neri al bianco di baccala e ristretto di crostace €14

My dessert was this crispy Italian pastry stuffed with Nutella cream filling that I bought in a pastry shop nearby. Thanks to Cheryl of Dragonfly Desserts for telling me about sfogliatelle otherwise I wouldn’t have tried it since it didn’t look appetizing. It tasted much, much better than it looks.

At this restaurant the coperto was €3 each. I liked that the bill showed how much each person’s share was in case you want to split the bill which we did. I recommend this restaurant to those who are going to Florence.
Osteria dell'Olio-005

Osteria dell’Olio
Piazza dell’Olio, 10r. 50123 Firenze, Italia
telephone: 055 211.466

One thought on “Florence: Osteria dell’Olio

  1. Leslie, that bread look so good but unable to locate it in San Francisco in Italian bakeries which not one I showed you. It Tuscany type bread and food is indeed from Tuscany for they eat more meats in that region.


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