Florence: La Capanna Pizzeria Trattoria

La Capanna -  Pizza al Prosciutto e Funghi -1
After two museums we walked around looking for a place to have lunch and spotted this pizzeria. When we looked around we were surprised to find it was just next door to our B&B. That’s how near all the sites were to each other.

La Capanna has been open since 1906 so it must be good right?
La Capanna

La Capanna -001

La Capanna -002

La Capanna's menu
La Capanna’s menu

We were given a plate of pizza crust to nibble on. It was super thin and crisp so I had a really good feeling about the pizzas we ordered.
La Capanna -004

They had a lunch special of a pizza with a bottle of water for €8 so that’s what we all ordered. The pizza was big but since the crust was super thin and there was barely any topping on it one person can easily finish it. It looks so unlike the pizzas in Manila filled with toppings. You can literally count the number of sausage on this pizza.
La Capanna -Pizza alla Salsiccia €8
Pizza alla Salsiccia €8

Even though the toppings were sparse we enjoyed the rustic pizza. The crust was thin the way I like it and super crispy. The tomato sauce was flavorful and the cheese very gooey.
La Capanna -  Pizza al Prosciutto e Funghi
Pizza al Prosciutto e Funghi

Look at the dry crust, no oil at all yet very crisp.
La Capanna -007

No coperto, no extra charges. Simple, straight forward and good food.
La Capanna -008

La Capanna
Via Cavour 112/R – 50129 Firenze
telephone +39 055 210095

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