Florence: Caffè Gilli

cannoli - €3
Florence had a lot of museums and cultural attractions but they also had several pasticceria and  confetteria which drew me like a moth to a flame.

One of the oldest sweet shops in Florence is Gilli located right across the Savoy hotel.
Gilli, Florence

Gilli, Florence-002

So many types of candies! Ok… not tempted.
Gilli, Florence-003

Gilli, Florence-004

Gilli, Florence-005

Gilli, Florence-006

OMG!! These cookies were just what I wanted to try but where do I start? The choices were too overwhelming.
Gilli, Florence-007

Gilli, Florence-008

More goodies inside the store.
Gilli, Florence-009

They sold packs of cantucci or smaller biscotti.
Gilli, Florence-010

Rochelle chose the cannoli, Sharon had the croissant and I had two little cookies. Boring me.
Gilli, Florence-011

Thank goodness Rochelle shared her super yummy cannoli. The outer shell was crisp and not oily. The mascarpone filling was light and heavenly. cannoli - €3
cannoli – €3

cannoli - €3-001

Hmmm…. why did I choose these boring and forgettable cookies with a whole store of sweets? I hate myself sometimes.
cantucci & amaretti
cantucci & amaretti

cafe latte €1.70
cafe latte €1.70

Gilli, Florence-012

When we ordered our sweets and coffee they kept asking us if we were going to consume them at the bar or at a table. We told them we will stand at the bar. An espresso cost €1 aat the bar and €4 at the table. This is a good tip to remember when in Italy. Stay at the bar and save big bucks.

The guy behind the bar even gave us samples of coffee granita to try.
Gilli, Florence-013

Gilli, Florence-014

The next day I bought a simple but delicious ham and cheese sandwich from them for a quick lunch.
Gilli, Florence-015

If you sit outside Gilli these is what you see.
Gilli, Florence-016

Gilli, Florence-017

Caffè Gilli 
Via Roma 1/R – 50123 Firenze, Italy
telephone: 00394430482

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