Paris: Lenox Montparnasse Hotel

Lenox Montparnasse Hotel
Of all  the things I researched for my recent European trip the hardest was choosing a hotel in Paris. The first thing was to decide which arrondissement to stay in. Paris is divided into 20 neighborhoods or arrondissements. Each area has it’s own charm and specialties. I really couldn’t decide which to choose until my travel agent suggested Montparnasse on the 14th arrondissement and on the left bank of the Seine river.

Having selected Montparnasse the next step was choosing a hotel and we turned to tripadvisor for help. Our criteria was reasonable price, good location, good reviews, elevator, air-conditioning  (a lot of hotels and apartments in Paris didn’t have elevators and air-conditioning). Lenox Montparnasse Hotel (3 stars) ranked 5th in tripadvisor’s list of hotels in Montparnasse and 97th overall hotels in Paris and it met all our criteria so that’s the hotel we chose.

The staff at the front desk were very helpful. Even while in Manila I emailed them to make a couple of restaurant reservations for me in Paris and they did it. They also helped with directions and were generally gracious and pleasant. Our only bad experience was booking a shuttle for the airport. One of their staff guaranteed Rochelle that he was able to book a shuttle that will pick us up at a certain time but the shuttle never arrived and no one else knew anything about it. Luckily a cab arrived at our hotel and we took it to the airport with just enough time. The traffic to the airport was horrible and it took us almost 2 hours to get there and €70 in cab fare.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-001

An elevator was important for us since we didn’t want to lug our luggages up and down stairs.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-002

Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-003

We chose a club room with two twin beds. Believe it or not this was their bigger room already. Small rooms are a standard in hotels in Paris unless you are willing to pay €400 and above for a room. We paid €175 a night.

We were quite comfortable in this room. We just had to make a conscious effort not to walk around at the same time. If you have big luggages then you will have a hard time in this room. We put all our other things inside the closet. There was a small refrigerator under the TV too. Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-004

There was free instant coffee and tea bags. They also had free wifi.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-005The bathroom was big enough and clean.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-006

Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-007

Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-008

An important feature we look for in all hotel rooms is a room safe. We left our passports and cash in the room safe everyday. It’s much safer than bringing with us and having the risk of getting pick-pocketed. It’s true that the hotel can open the room safe but throughout our trip our valuables were protected in the safe.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-009

Just off the lobby is the Honesty Bar.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-011

Help yourself to the drinks in the bar including draft beer and be honest and pay for it.
Lenox Montparnasse Hotel-010

Our hotel offered breakfast but we opted to buy from the patisserie next door.
Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre-001

Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre-002

We bought a tarte tatin and drops chocolat. It was just ok so we didn’t go back.
Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre-003

Our hotel was located in Rue Delambre and there were two small supermarkets, a cinema, laundromat and a fruit stand. We just loved how convenient the location was.
Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre

There was an Italian deli that had so many goodies perfect for a picnic.
Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre-005

There were several restaurants and bars on our street. We passed by the Chinese restaurant everyday and not once were we tempted to eat Chinese food. The next street (Rue du Montparnasse) was filled with creperies!
Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre-004

Our favorite was the pharmacie at the end of the street right across the Edgar Quinet metro station. French pharmacies are a treasure lode for beauty finds that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I found Gwyneth Paltrow’s guide to what to buy in a French pharmacy very helpful. We bought most of the items on her list.
Lenox Montparnasse - restaurants & shops on Rue Delambre-006

Around Bd Edgar Quinet were many, many restaurants and cafes.
restaurants & shops in Montparnasse

restaurants & shops in Montparnasse-001

A block away were more stores and patisseries.
restaurants & shops in Montparnasse-003

restaurants & shops in Montparnasse-004

To our surprise there was even a small brance of Galeries Lafayette 5 minutes walk from our hotel.
restaurants & shops in Montparnasse-002

restaurants & shops in Montparnasse-005

I highly recommend Lenox Montparnasse Hotel. Our room was comfortable and clean albeit small. The best part was the location. Any direction you go there are restaurants, quaint shops and several pharmacies and groceries. The metro station was 2 minutes walk away and from there the entire Paris awaits you.

Lenox Montparnasse Hotel
15 Rue Delambre, 75014 Paris, France
telephone : + 33(0) 1 43 35 34 50

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