Paris: Le Fontaine de Mars & Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower (1)
Hello Paris!!! As soon as we dropped off our luggage at the Lenox Montparnasse Hotel we went to dinner. We left the hotel early to give us time to figure out the Métro and find the restaurant.

We only took the taxi twice in Paris –  to and from the airport. A tip for those who will take the taxi in Paris – If you call for a taxi from your hotel or restaurant the taxi meter will start from wherever the taxi driver was when he received the call. The cheapest way is to just flag a taxi from wherever you are.

Taking the very efficient Métro was the way to go in Paris. We just love the people of Paris. They are the friendliest and most helpful people. They were always people to help us navigate the Metro routes. They spoke pretty good English too.
taking the Paris Metro

One ticket costs €1,70 to any destination. This ticket can be used on the Métro and RER networks.
taking the Paris Metro-001

It’s advisable to buy a carnet of 10 tickets which cost €12.70. You can use cash or credit cards to buy the tickets on the machine.
taking the Paris Metro-002

taking the Paris Metro-003

Some stations are simple with just stairs while others are huge and fancy with elevators. At first we were confused finding which train to take but after a few trips we became experts. It’s similar to Hong Kong’s MTR just on a much larger scale. The most important thing is to remember the number of the line you will take and which exit. Easy peasy.

taking the Paris Metro-004 taking the Paris Metro-005

I chose La Fontaine de Mars since it was one of the few restaurants that was open on a Sunday night. This restaurant had very good reviews. Their website didn’t have any online reservations so I asked our hotel to make a reservation for me a month before. I’m glad I made a reservation since the place was packed.
Le Fontaine de Mars

Le Fontaine de Mars-001 Le Fontaine de Mars-002

A tip for those who don’t drink wine and want to save money on bottled water – ask for carafe d’eau or tap water which is potable.
Le Fontaine de Mars-003

Le Fontaine de Mars-004 Le Fontaine de Mars-005

menu (click to enlarge)

Le Fontaine de Mars-006 Le Fontaine de Mars-008

Le Fontaine de Mars-007
house wine €5

Wonderful bread!
Le Fontaine de Mars-009

Rochelle and I shared an order of delicious cold country paté.
Le Fontaine de Mars-paté de campagne (homemade country paté)
paté de campagne (homemade country paté) €13

I had the crisp duck confit. It was the epitome of fine French food. Their execution was spot on. Crunchy skin, a thin layer of duck fat under and tender flavorful meat.
Le Fontaine de Mars-confit canard (duck confit)
confit canard (duck confit) €25

Rochelle had the plate of the day which was roast chicken with mashed potatoes. Simple fare cooked with a French flair.
Le Fontaine de Mars-013
plat du jour (plate of the day) roast free range chicken with mashed potatoes €20

On the same street was Cafe Constant and Les Cocottes de Christian Constant which I wanted to try too but we ran out of time. Next time this is on my list.
Cafe Constant

After dinner we walked a bit and saw signs to the Eiffel Tower so we went there.
Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower-001

Eiffel Tower-002

Eiffel Tower-003

There are lines to go up the Eiffel Tower at all times. We chose not to go up anymore.
Eiffel Tower-004

Eiffel Tower-005

Eiffel Tower-006

My only regret was not seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Since we were there during the summer the darkness came really late. We were there at 9:30 pm and as you can see from the pictures it was still very bright. We were already too tired to sit and wait for the lights to come on.
Eiffel Tower-007

Restaurant la Fontaine de Mars
129, Rue Saint-Dominique
75007 PARIS 7ème
telephone: 01 47 05 46 44

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