Akiba Cafe

Akiba Cafe- green tea cheesecake P130-001
I like December and all the food that comes with the holidays. The only thing I dislike is shopping for my godchildren. It was easy when they were kids and any toy would make them happy. Now that some are in their pre-teens and others are teenagers I didn’t know what to get them for Christmas. I went to SM Megamall to do some shopping and after going in and out a couple of stores without any results I needed a break for lunch.

I saw Akiba from across the hall and went to check it out since it was the first time I’ve ever seen that brand.
Akiba Cafe

Akiba Cafe-001

Looking at their menu I was pleased to see they had a variety of hot and cold coffee, tea and chocolate beverages. Imagine my dilemma on what to try since I love all three drinks a lot.
Akiba Cafe-002

Since they had this huge sign promoting their trifle tea I decided to order that to find out exactly what trifle cream was.
Akiba Cafe-003

Akiba Cafe- creamy banoffee P80
creamy banoffee P80

I haven’t had lunch yet but when I saw the green tea cheesecake I knew that dessert would precede lunch.
Akiba Cafe- green tea cheesecake P130
green tea cheesecake P130

I LOVE matcha thus the all green choices on the table.
Akiba Cafe- green tea cheesecake & matcha trifle
green tea cheesecake & matcha trifle

I was instructed by the staff to drink my tea without stirring the cream first. Strong, milky green tea passed through thick sweetened cream straight into my mouth. I tasted similar to my favorite Gong Cha milk green tea specially the cream part. While Gong Cha used green tea leaves Akiba used matcha powder for their tea. I couldn’t resist mixing in the cream after. I felt guilty after drinking what tantamounted to a milk shake with all the cream. This trifle tea was definitely better than the other milk tea brands I’ve tried in Manila except Gong Cha which is still my favorite.
Akiba Cafe-008
matcha trifle tea P120

Finally, a green tea cheesecake that I really, really like. Thick, creamy cheesecake just like New York cheesecake and not the light, airy Japanese cheesecake which I dislike. The matcha flavor was strong but not overpowering. It was really a match-a made in heaven.  I have to go back to SM Megamall soon for another slice. Yummmmmmm!!!!!
Akiba Cafe- green tea cheesecake P130-002
green tea cheesecake P130

Akiba Cafe
SM Megamall 2nd floor building A Hallway
telephone: +63947-344-1025

Philippines Office:
Unit 405 The Taipan Place F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1600
telephone: (+632) 910-5131

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