Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Hkg-Mnl December 2012

Philippine Airlines economy meals - chicken inasal-001
Here’s the meals I had on Philippine Airlines on my trip to Hong Kong last December.

For lunch to Hong Kong I chose the chicken inasal. It had a nice grilled taste and the marinade was very flavorful and permeated throughout the tender chicken. The rice was peppery.
Philippine Airlines economy meals - chicken inasal
chicken inasal

PAL uses different suppliers for their desserts on economy class and this was my first time to try the leche flan from Rebekah’s Confectioneries. The leche flan was thick, rich and creamy just the way I love it. Obviously it used all egg yolks. It had a strong toffee flavor and bits on macapuno. It was very sweet but a happy kinda sweet.
Philippine Airlines economy meals- Rebekah's Confectioneries leche flan
leche flan from Rebekah’s Confectioneries

I chose the pork paksiw for my dinner on the flight back to Manila.
Philippine Airlines economy meals- pork paksiw
pork paksiw

The pork was lean, tender and the sauce was sweet and tangy. Good with plain white rice.
Philippine Airlines economy meals- pork paksiw-001

The only problem was that the quail eggs were so sour. It seemed to have absorbed all the vinegar from the sauce of the pork.
Philippine Airlines economy meals- pork paksiw-002

The frosted brownie from Goldilocks looked good but trust me it wasn’t. It’s seldom that I leave a chocolate dessert on my plate. This got totally left behind.

Only one short post for today since I’m not feeling well and I’m too preoccupied playing Candy Crush Saga (on iOS and Facebook). Whatever you do DON’T start playing this or else you’ll get addicted like me and my friends. You’ll be saying ‘send me a life’ over and over again. I was able to make this post because I ran out of lives. Ha ha ha.

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