Deli de San Honore

Deli San Honore - porchetta
My friend Debbie and her nephew Chef Jeremy have a new catering business called Deli San Honore. We ordered a Thai dinner from them for our group’s Christmas party.

I don’t think they have full catering service that supplies tables, chairs, etc since they just started but you can order food from them.
Deli San Honore-mango-catfish salad
mango-catfish salad

I was surprised how good the Pad Thai was. It tasted better than the Pad Thai I’ve eaten in several restaurants.
Deli San Honore- pad thai
Pad Thai

The bagoong rice was good too but I told Debbie I liked her atchi’s (Jeremy’s mom) version better which I tried many years ago.
Deli San Honore- bagoong rice
bagoong rice

Yes, the porchetta is not Thai but it was ordered just because we wanted to try it. The skin wasn’t crispy anymore probably because the container was covered with foil. The flavors of the meat was delicious and it didn’t need any sauce anymore.
Deli San Honore - porchetta-001

Deli San Honore- fish in tamarind sauce
fish in tamarind sauce

My favorite was the satay and I took home the leftovers. 😀
Deli San Honore- chicken & beef satay
chicken & pork satay

Deli San Honore- chicken & beef satay-001
satay sauce

Deli San Honore- tha-ko

I swear everything was so good it was hard to stop at one plate. Ok I confess I had a second serving of Pad Thai.
Deli San Honore-009

Since we all love sweets there were other desserts too. I don’t remember where this cake came from and I didn’t bother asking since it was way too sweet. In short I didn’t like it.

Always present are these suman (sweet sticky rice) that Elisa brought from her hometown of Butuan. They’re the best suman ever!! Perfect texture, rich from coconut milk and just the right amount of sweetness.
suman from Butuan
suman from Butuan

We paired the suman with fresh, sweet mangoes and had a pseudo Thai dessert.
fresh mangoes
fresh mangoes

blueberry cheesecake tarts
blueberry cheesecake tarts

Gay Vasquez' sans rival
Gay Vasquez’ sans rival

My gorgeous friends!!!


For Christmas Debbie gave us a baked ham that Jeremy made. I put the glaze myself and baked it for a few minutes.
Deli San Honore- baked ham
baked ham

I served this at our family’s New Year’s Eve party and everyone loved it. It’s not salty and very tender. I’ve been eating the leftover ham in between wheat bread with a slather of mustard.
Deli San Honore- baked ham-001

I asked Debbie if Jeremy also makes fresh corned beef and he does! The raw slab of beef brisket in it’s curing liquid and spices arrived in a sealed plastic bag. I simply boiled the corned beef til tender which took about two hours. I also changed the water once midway so it won’t be too salty. We ate it with boiled cabbage, potatoes and carrots.
Deli San Honore- fresh corned beef
fresh corned beef

The next day I put the trimmed corned beef in between rye bread and added French mustard for a wonderful lunch.
Deli San Honore- fresh corned beef-001

These are just SOME of the dishes you can order from Deli San Honore:
smoked fish pasta
cold cuts (sausages/local cheese)
herb roasted chicken
baked salmon
chicken lemongrass
mix greens with raspberry vinaigrette
spaghettini with mushroom in truffle cream sauce
roasted turkey (with sausage/chestnut stuffing, sweet potato/gravy/dinner rolls)
seafood paella
mixed greens with pear vinaigrette
penne vodka with sausage
roast beef (half slab approx. 5 kilos) (with au jus/onion marmalade/mashed potato/Yorkshire pudding)
baked salmon (Dijonnaise)
baked fish in black bean ginger sauce (I’ve tried this and it’s sooooo yummy)

Call them if you want to order just a couple of dishes or a whole dinner. I highly recommend the baked ham and fresh corned beef.

Deli de San Honore c/o Jeremy
telephone: 927-8649
cellphone no.: +63939-4710429

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