Lunch at Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

dynamite roll P265
Lately I’ve been craving sushi a lot. I just want to eat it everyday. Since I pass by Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig at least once a week I went there to sate my sushi hunger.

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

I arrived there just before 2:00 pm and was in luck that they were still open. Unfortunately they were doing some repairs and could not cook. Only sushi was available and that was fine with me.
Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant -001

I was surprised at how nice the interiors were. Haru was next to Cafe Juanita and is both owned by Dr. Efren ‘Boy’ Vazquez.
Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant -002

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant -003

I sat outside where it was cooler. You can go to Cafe Juanita which was a few steps away.
Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant -004

I started with the uni sushi. It was quite fresh and there was a generous amount of my beloved briny sea urchin.
uni sushi P189
uni sushi P189

I really wanted to order the ‘spider design’ maki but they can’t fry the soft shell crab so I chose the dynamite roll instead. The roll contained spicy tuna, salmon, cucumber and a sprinkling of ebiko (tobiko or flying fish roe). The roll was really big and fat with lots of filling and only a thin layer of sushi rice. It was just the way I like it.

I made a mistake of dipping it in wasabi and it burned my tongue and throat. The raw fish was really, really  spicy! They used chili oil and there wasn’t any mayonnaise to muddle up the flavors. If you like spicy sushi then you have to try this. Even though it gave me heartburn I still enjoyed the dynamite roll.
dynamite roll P265
dynamite roll P265

Based on these two orders I was really happy with their food. I can’t wait to go back and try their other food. I actually went back but I was too late since they closed at 2:30 pm and reopen again for dinner.

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant menu

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant
#21 West Capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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