Breakfast at Antonio’s

Roesti with Fresh Corned Beef w- Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350
Whenever I go to San Francisco my friend Ariel takes me to all the best restaurants in the city. When he comes to Manila it’s my turn to treat him. His only request this time was to eat at Antonio’s since he enjoyed it so much the last time he ate there.

I tried calling and texting Antonio’s the day before to make a reservation but they didn’t answer the phone so we just went there on a Saturday. We never got in the gate since the guard kindly informed us that it was fully booked. I suspect there was a private party. We went to Breakfast at Antonio’s instead.
Breakfast at Antonio's-002

Before the Breakfast place was moved to the same compound as Antonio’s. Now they’re back to the original location which I’ve never been to. I was surprised at how big it was.
Breakfast at Antonio's-003

The sun was out in full force but it was a bit chilly inside.
Breakfast at Antonio's-004

Breakfast at Antonio's-005

Breakfast at Antonio's-006

Breakfast at Antonio's-007

Dalandan Slush P190
Dalandan Slush P190

Ariel was trying to decide between the beef sinigang or the beef tapa and asked the waiter for his opinion. In most restaurants you’ll most likely get a reply like, “It’s both good.” I was impressed the waiters had their own opinions and it seemed like they’ve tried the food which I believe is very important. How can they sell products they’ve never tasted?
Beef Sinigang P400
Beef Sinigang P400

The waiter said the beef sinigang was different and more special and he was right. The beef looked and tasted like corned beef. The soup had a nice sour flavor but it seemed there wasn’t enough of it or the rice noodles just absorbed it.
Beef Sinigang P400 -001

Uggh I don’t know what happened to my camera’s white balance. I must have chosen the wrong setting from this point.

I was trying to decide between the savoury crepes and the Reuben sandwich which is a favorite of mine. I chose the roesti (potato pancake) topped with generous slices of fresh corned beef and topped with two eggs and smothered with Swiss cheese.
Roesti with Fresh Corned Beef w: Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350-001
Roesti with Fresh Corned Beef with Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350

The roesti was really crispy and provided a good base for the corned beef and sauerkraut. I really loved their homemade corned beef. It was very tender and not too salty. I found the price to be very, very reasonable considering the amount of corned beef used. I had a Reuben sandwich at Apartment 1B with maybe 1/3 the amount of corned beef and it cost P680.
Roesti with Fresh Corned Beef w: Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350-002

I was full halfway through it and I still wanted to eat dessert so I had it wrapped. It was a nice lunch several days later.
Roesti with Fresh Corned Beef w: Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350-003

Their coffee was good but it could be better and warmer.
Brewed Coffee (Refillable) P180
Brewed Coffee (Refillable) P180

I really wanted some dessert but there wasn’t much choices in their menu so I settled with a sweet pancake. Naturally I chose the Jaffa Orange pancake. There’s nothing better than the combination of chocolate and orange.

2 chocolate pancakes topped with vanilla ice cream and served with fresh orange segments in Grand Marnier sauce. Sounds simple right? When we first took a bite of the pancake we weren’t impressed. It was soft enough but it didn’t taste chocolatey enough. But when we ate the pancake with some orange and ice cream it tasted like a decadent chocolate cake.
Jaffa Orange Pancake  P250 -001
Jaffa Orange Pancake P250

This was one heavenly and very fulfilling dessert.
Jaffa Orange Pancake  P250

And Ariel said he didn’t want any. He ended up eating most of it. 😀
Jaffa Orange Pancake  P250 -002

Ariel and I were already making plans to go back. There were many other items in the menu we both wanted to try. It’s really best to go with a big group so you can try more food without overstuffing yourself.
Breakfast at Antonio's-008

After lunch I went shopping in their mini store beside the entrance. They sold bread, different flavors of curd and jams, and many other treats.
Breakfast at Antonio's-009

Breakfast at Antonio's-011

Breakfast at Antonio's-012

I bought a loaf of Turkish bread and it was fantastic!!! When toasted it had a nice chewy texture. Some raisins added a touch of sweetness to the bread. I actually want to go back just to buy this bread and stock it in the freezer.
Turkish Bread P220
Turkish bread P220

Breakfast at Antonio's-013

Breakfast at Antonio's menu
Breakfast at Antonio’s menu (click to enlarge)

Breakfast at Antonio's-001

Breakfast at Antonio's

Antonio's map
location map (click to enlarge)

Breakfast at Antonio’s 
Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City, Batangas, Philippines
telephone: +63 (46) 413.0738

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Antonio’s

  1. Nice ambiance and services, very clean restroom. But… the food is terribly salty! too much MSG or iodized salt from omellet,sandwiches & steak that we order we don’t tasted the natural flavor. Antonio’s breakfast is overrated. We will never go back again! For me Uncle Cheffy & Pancake house much better resto, reasonable price & they serves with generous plate.


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