Melbourne: Sushi Sushi Hand Rolls

sushi sushi Melbourne

The people in Melbourne sure love sushi! I saw many, many stores selling hand rolls filled with all kinds of fillings. The most popular store seemed to be sushi sushi  since I saw several branches around the CBD

I love inari sushi with it’s sweet bean curd skin forming a pouch and filled with sushi rice. Usually it’s served plain in Japanese restaurants. I liked that they had different toppings to make it more interesting. If you want to try your hand at making this you can try my simple recipe for Inarizushi

sushi sushi Melbourne-001


Most of the toppings and fillings were cooked so it’s suitable for even those who fear eating raw fish.   

sushi sushi Melbourne-002

The attractive presentation was a big plus. Even though I wasn’t hungry I wanted to buy several rolls. 

sushi sushi Melbourne-003

sushi sushi Melbourne-004

sushi sushi Melbourne-005

I noticed that as soon as all the sushi was sold the store closes down. We saw a couple of branches that closed as early as 4:00 pm. 

sushi sushi Melbourne-006

sushi sushi Melbourne-007

We bought a few rolls and inari to take home for our appetizers. They were all actually good. The fried soft shell crab remained crisp even when cold. I appreciated that they were all generously stuffed with fillings. 

sushi sushi Melbourne- soft shelled crab hand roll A$3.50
soft shell crab hand roll A$3.50


I specially enjoyed the seaweed inari. I will definitely make this one of these days.

sushi sushi Melbourne- seaweed inari A$2
seaweed inari A$2
sushi sushi Melbourne- seafood inari A$2
seafood inari A$2
sushi sushi Melbourne- Cooked Tuna Hand Roll A$2.40
cooked Tuna Hand Roll A$2.40


I can see why Aussies like their hand rolls. It’s cheap, easy to eat and there’s a lot of variety to choose from. I can see this concept doing well in Manila. Let’s just wait for the first store to open and all the copycats to follow. Could this be the next shawarma or milk tea in Manila?


sushi sushi
QV Shopping Centre
Tenancy RCL23 Cnr Russell & Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
telephone: 03 9639 3332
other branches

3 thoughts on “Melbourne: Sushi Sushi Hand Rolls

  1. like the soy packaging not messy & very cute.. I want to try also the variety of sushi that they serve..wish to have a branch here in our country..can’t wait too.. 🙂 I like the huge serving of sushi ❤


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