Yoogane at Il Terrazzo

I seldom venture to Quezon City to eat but my friends and I just came from the wake of my dear, dear friend and by tradition or superstition (which I don’t believe) we had to pass by somewhere before heading home. We decided to go to Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato for more options. 
We chose Yoogane Korean restaurant since it looked the most interesting. It wasn’t until I was researching for this post that I found out Yoogane is a local franchise of a popular Korean restaurant chain. 
Yoogane -001

Yoogane menu

The exhaust system in the restaurant was very effective. For once I didn’t leave a Korean restaurant smelling like barbecue. The copper colored exhaust hoods can be pulled all the way down to just a few inches above the cooking food to effectively suck up all the smoke from the sizzling plate. 

Yoogane -003

Yoogane -004



The beef short ribs, while not the most tender, was actually one of the few dishes I liked. The flavor was authentic and the meat was lean.

galbi gui P370
galbi gui P370


Skip the dry, tough and flavorless pork belly. By the way both the beef and pork were cooked in the kitchen and not by us on the table.

samgyeopsal P270
samgyeopsal P270

Yoogane -008


This has to the my least liked (I really want to say worst but…) pajeon I’ve ever eaten. It’s sad since I love pajeon. It tasted like plain, uninspired eggs tossed with a few ingredients and cooked for a bit too long in a pan. In no way did it resemble all the pajeon  I’ve eaten so far. 

haemul pajeon P170
haemul pajeon P170


See this big plate of rice with chili paste on top? This was for 2 orders of their popular marinated chicken galbi fried rice. I should have been nervous seeing all that red, hot stuff!  

Yoogane marinated chicken galbi fried rice P245

Hmm, what’s mozzarella cheese doing there? Wait and see. 

mozzarella cheese
mozzarella cheese


Our server cooked the chicken pieces marinated in gochujang (chili pepper paste) and some green onions. When the chicken was cooked she added all the rice. 

Yoogane marinated chicken galbi fried rice P245-002

Next she melted the cheese on the pan and topped in on the rice. Yes cheese on rice! 

Yoogane marinated chicken galbi fried rice P245-003

What you get is heart shaped really spicy chicken fried rice. I don’t have a high tolerance for spicy food but I couldn’t stop eating the super yummy rice topped with gooey cheese. It may look like a strange combination but it worked. Somehow the cheese tamed the heat a little. But this dish was either a “you like it or you hate it” kind of dish. Most of us enjoyed it but some didn’t like the combination of spicy rice and cheese. If you can’t stand heat they also have bulgogi fried rice which sounds promising. 

marinated chicken galbi fried rice P245
marinated chicken galbi fried rice P245


For dessert I introduced my friends to my favorite frozen yogurt from Bonchon. I always eat my froyo plain without toppings except for Bonchon because I LOVE their graham cracker crust in the middle layer of the yogurt.

Bonchon's mango sans rival ko-yo
Bonchon’s mango sans rival ko-yo


G/F IL Terrazzo Mall, 305 Tomas Morato Ave. Cor. Scout Mandrinan St. Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines
telephone: 966-2348 / 0917-5157960

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