Brasserie Girolle

Rochelle and I were supposed to have lunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club to use the coupon she bought online but she left it at home. I didn’t mind since we got to try Brasserie Girolle next door.

I’ve never tried Chef Ian Padilla’s La Girolle that’s why I was eager to try his casual French bistro. 
Brasserie Girolle

Brasserie Girolle 2

Brasserie Girolle1

It’s good to see more and more restaurants placing service water on the table.  

Brasserie Girolle 3

We were served cold grilled bread with unsalted butter. Butter was solved with the salt I asked for. 

Brasserie Girolle bread

Rochelle’s mushroom soup was rich without being too thick and it tasted of fresh earthy mushrooms. She loved it! 

Brasserie Girolle - creme de champignons P250
creme de champignons P250


I wanted the 8 hour braised short ribs but they were out of stock due to a full house the night before. I normally order a plain burger without cheese or bacon but they only had one option. 

Brasserie Girolle burger P550
Brasserie Girolle burger P550


I ordered my burger medium but as you can see it looks well done. I didn’t mind though since so much juice ran out the burger when I sliced it. It was very tender, juicy and tasted like steak. In short it passed my high standards for burgers. I only ate half of the 250 grams burger and had the leftover for dinner. It was just as good that night. I can say this burger is in my top 5 burgers.

In case you’re wondering what no. 1 is it’s Ray’s Hell Burger

Brasserie Girolle burger

Rochelle had the baked eggs in cream with caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese. She loved the cream and cheese part but not so much the eggs. 

oeufs en cocette P375
oeufs en cocette P375


She was expecting soft egg yolks but these were hard and overcooked. It would have been perfect if they baked it maybe 5 minutes less.

oeufs en cocette

You can’t go wrong with Nespresso. We actually ordered a lemon tart but it took too long and Rochelle was in a hurry so we cancelled it. I will definitely back for the short ribs and lemon tart. Another trip for the burger. 

Nespresso Ristretto
Nespresso Ristretto


Brasserie Girolle
Ground Level, The Fort Strip
Katipunan Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: (+63 2) 856-6639

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