Cheap Eats at Shifu Master’s Kitchen

I don’t know how many times I’ve passed Granada on my way to Quezon City and saw this cute cartoonish sign. I never thought of trying out their food until I saw pictures of their pata bihon on Instagram.

The same day I saw the picture I immediately went to Shifu for a late lunch with my dad before going to our acupuncture session at St. Francis Natural Health Care Center in Panay Avenue. 
Shifu Master's Kitchen-001

Shifu Master’s Kitchen is located in Villa Ortigas along Granada St. where several small restaurants are located. In case you’re wondering Shifu means teacher. If the word seems familiar there’s a character in Kung Fu Panda called Master Shifu. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen-002

Shifu Master's Kitchen-003

Put down your eyebrows and ignore the simple decor and chipped furniture. I promise you you’re in for a treat. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen-004

Even before I ordered I could hear these two women gushing over their food. When they left they even promised to the lone waitress that they will come back. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen-005

If you take a look at their menu only one item costs over P300. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen menu
Shifu Master’s Kitchen menu (click to enlarge)

Shifu Master's Kitchen menu-001

Shifu Master's Kitchen menu-002

This is the pata bihon. I saw this picture on Instagram from two different bloggers and it’s what made me rush to Shifu to try it and see if it’s as good as it looks. Bihon or rice vermicelli is pretty ordinary. Everybody cooks it at home. In our house we usually cook it with a can of stewed pork leg. 

The beauty of this bihon is they used pieces of pata (ham hock or pork leg) and sauce from the pata tim (braised pork leg) they make and added those two crucial ingredients to the noodles. Pillowy soft pork skin with gelatinous bits and tender pork in slightly sweet soy based sauce mixed with al dente bihon was one heck of an awesome dish. 

This plate can easily feed 4-5 hungry people. In our case we took home our leftovers and ate it for two more meals. All this goodness for P215. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen- pata bihon P215
pata bihon P215


I asked that the radish cake be well browned and crisp and look how it came back. Super crunchy exterior and soft interiors. A different and delicious version of the classic dim sum dish. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen- radish cake P55
radish cake P55


On a second visit I took out an order of sate chami. It was a bit spicy and very tasty but I still prefer the pata bihon. If you like thicker noodles then you will enjoy this. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen- sate chami P165
sate chami P165


This was what remained from an order of beef curry hotpot. It was another winner! I loved how soft the beef was and the spice level of the curry sauce was perfect with rice. 

Shifu Master's Kitchen- beef curry hotpot P215
beef curry hotpot P215


My friend Lani brought her family of four to Shifu and their meal cost only P600 with lots of leftovers to boot. I’m so happy to have discovered a Chinese restaurant serving good and cheap eats. I want to try their pata tim, salt & pepper spareribs and oyster cake next. 

Shifu Master’s Kitchen
58 Granada St. Quezon City
telephone: 02-726-1135

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