Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas

New bakers have a decision to make when starting a business. They either follow the trends and make what everybody else makes or reinvent a classic and give it a twist. This is what Hey Gourmet! did with the Filipino favorite ensaymada.  

Ensaymada is a sweet bread similar to brioche and is typically topped with buttercream and cheese. It’s a popular snack with Filipinos of all ages. There must be hundreds of variations on the dough and kind of cheese used but this is the first time I’ve seen such creative toppings.  I received 2 boxes of ensaymadas from very young baker, Judy Ang who just graduated this March. These gourmet ensaymadas were her thesis as a Entrepreneurship graduate. I’m sure she passed with flying colors.

Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas-001

I hope you can feel my confusion and anxiety on what to try first. The next problem was how not to eat everything.   Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas-002

My first ensaymada was the only savory option although they have others in their menu. As I expected the salty and stringy pork floss or mahu was fantastic of the soft and sweet ensaymada. Globs of buttercream just made it even better. 

Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas- Pork Floss ensaymada
Creamy Floss Ensaymada P70


If donuts can get chocofied why not the ensaymada? Good quality chocolate ganache was slathered on the ensaymada and it was topped with mini chocolate chips. This is just perfect for the chocolate lover – ME! 

Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas- Chocolate Panic ensaymada
Chocolate Panic Ensaymada P60


I was afraid I couldn’t resist temptation and ‘try’ all the other flavors so I invited my friends to share my ensaymada bounty. Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas-006 

Their take on the classic ensaymada has cream cheese buttercream and queso de bola cheese. 

Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas-007
Household Favorite P60


Everyone’s favorite was the Salted Caramel ensaymada which I toasted in the oven for a few minutes. Imagine sublime caramel sauce coating your ensaymada with a sprinkling of rock salt and cheese and you’ve got one crazy good treat. 

Hey Gourmet! Ensaymadas- Salted Caramel Cheese ensaymada
Salted Caramel Ensaymada P60


Hey Gourmet! Gourmet Ensaymadas menu
Hey Gourmet! Gourmet Ensaymadas menu (click to enlarge)


Whatever topping you choose I can guarantee that you will enjoy Hey Gourmet’s ensaymadas. I specially liked the soft, spongy texture of the bread. Some may like the drier bread like types of ensaymada but not me. This is the kind I like.    

Hey Gourmet! Gourmet Ensaymadas
To Order:
1. Text your orders to 0922-8579151
2. Text the date for pick up or delivery. There’s a minimum amount of P1,500 for delivery.
3. Wait for them to reply with their bank account number for you to deposit your payment.


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