Catherine’s Apple Pie

 I love apple pie. It’s is my most favorite pie of all and I’m always on the lookout for good ones in Manila. 

I’ve tried a lot of soft, soggy, sour and boring pies that’s why I’m always apprehensive when someone tells me that “this is the best apple pie!” For me the best apple pie is from Sugarhouse. I love their cookie like crust, crunchy apples and cheese topping. 

My friend Kathy gave me Catherine’s apple pie. I’ve heard about them before but since they were based in Alabang I thought I wouldn’t get to try it. It wasn’t until I read this article in the Inquirer that I realized that I knew Catherine’s mom. You see Catherine is the youngest daughter of Chito and Pateet Benito. The whole cakes and pies business was named after her. Pateet was my batchmate in Ateneo. Small world! 

Catherine's Cakes & Pies - Apple Pie

 The instructions suggest warming the pie in the oven. I didn’t because I like eating apple pie cold. 

Catherine's Cakes & Pies - Apple Pie -001
7″ Apple Pie – P495


I did follow the suggestion of adding a scoop of ice cream since I had a small container of Dojo Dairy Japanese ice cream in the freezer. (My post on this is coming soon.)

Dojo Dairy Buttercream ice cream
Dojo Dairy Buttercream ice cream


It wasn’t easy cutting a clean slice because the streusel was very crumbly. So what did I think about it? I loved it!! The thin slices of apples were crisp and bathed with just enough caramel sauce that wasn’t too sweet. My favorite part was the crunchy and buttery streusel topping studded with walnuts. I wasn’t fond of the base crust though. It wasn’t soggy but it was just regular pie crust and I don’t usually eat that. That’s ok with me since it’s less carbs :D. 

Catherine's Cakes & Pies - Apple Pie -002


I always thought to have crisp apples you need thick slices but take a closer look at the picture below. The apple slices were very thin and most likely sliced with a mandoline. I declare this my second most favorite apple pie. Seriously people you have to try it!!! 

Catherine's Cakes & Pies - Apple Pie - 003


Good grief!! Look at all their other pies. I can’t wait to try both cheesecakes and the walnut pie topped with cheese. 

Catherine's Cakes & Pies menu

Catherine's Cakes & Pies menu-001

I copied this from their Facebook page. 

We now deliver every Friday and Saturday :-). We will accommodate a maximum of 15 customers per day. For a flat rate fee of only P45, we deliver to Las Pinas, Paranaque, Taguig, Pasig, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati and Pasay. And as usual, we deliver for free in Alabang. No minimum order. Just our way of bringing the “best apple pie in town” to you!

Catherine’s Cakes and Pies
cellphone: 0917-8409598
telephoneL 02-6592591

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