What’s New at Spiral Buffet

I’m the last person who will go to a buffet since the choices always overwhelm me and I don’t eat enough to merit the cost. But since I was invited by Sofitel to check out what’s new at Spiral I decided to go. 

Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza is the largest buffet in the Manila. The restaurant occupies 2, 921 sq. meters or 31, 441 sq. feet. Boggles your mind right? Despite the huge size the seating capacity is only 452. Most of the space is occupied by 21 dining ateliers made up of : Salad and Appetizer, L’Écailler, Sushi Sashimi, L’Epicerie, Hot Japanese, French Stove, Rotisserie, Wood fired Oven,  Churrasco, North Indian, Asian Noodles, Peking Duck Oven, Steam Baskets, Chinese Wok, Filipino, Thai, Korean, La Boulangerie, La Patisserie, Chocolaterie and Creamery.

Spiral Buffet-001

The last time I ate at Spiral was in November 2012 when they just reopened after a US$11M renovation. Back then I wasn’t too impressed with their desserts but this time I was simply floored. I had the good fortune of sitting a table away from this really gorgeous chocolate and candy table. 

Spiral Buffet-002

Not only do these chocolates look good they taste heavenly too! I could have stayed at this area for the duration of my entire meal. 

Spiral Buffet- chocolate mediants
dark chocolate, almond, pecan & dried fruit mediants
milk chocolate, macadamia, walnut & dried fruit mediants
mango ganache, dark chocolate mediants


Tucked inside each drawer is a different candy that will thrill kids of all ages. I was too preoccupied with the chocolates that I neglected these goodies.

Spiral Buffet-005

Spiral Buffet-003
chocolate truffles, chocolate crunchies


Before the cheese room was my favorite. Now the Chocolatier is where I want to live. 

Spiral Buffet-009
Chocolatier at Spiral


I want Chef Tweet Obsequio to be my new best friend. Her chocolates are really world class and I’m not exaggerating. 

Spiral Buffet-010
Chef Tweet Obsequio, Master Chocolatier


One of the changes in Spiral is you can now buy some of the food that you tasted and liked. No more regrets of not bring a Ziploc bag. 😀

Spiral Buffet-012

You can buy the chocolates per piece or in a box. Isn’t that a great thing? You can try first at the buffet before you buy. Each piece of chocolate cost P40. 

Spiral Buffet-011

There were only 4 whole cakes when I was there on a Wednesday. 

Spiral Buffet-007

Too bad the cakes didn’t have names but this chocolate dream was my ultimate favorite. More on this later. 

Spiral Buffet-008


Spiral Buffet-006

Here’s the lay-out to the buffet to help you strategize on your next visit. You can use this guide to decide where you would like to sit. I will always sit near the chocolates. 

Spiral Buffet


Spiral Buffet-013

Spiral Buffet-015

I was planning to go back for this sukiyaki but I got distracted with all the food! 

Spiral Buffet- sukiyaki



Spiral Buffet-016

Spiral Buffet-017

This time they had Malagos cheese from Davao. 

Spiral Buffet-018

Spiral Buffet-019



Spiral Buffet-021



The centerpiece of this atelier is the Bonnet French stove, a customized oven used by Michelin Star Chefs around the world, which weighs one ton of steel and costs P10M. The countertop of the stove served as a warmer for the cast iron enamel and copper pots filled with French food. 

Spiral Buffet-022

Just like last year I ate the most from this section. You may notice that the food aren’t labeled anymore. You are supposed to ask any one of the chefs what the food are and hopefully have a quick repartee. I was told mostly foreigners do this while most locals don’t mind not knowing what they are getting. 

Spiral Buffet- duck confit, seafood gratin, fish and lamb
duck confit, seafood gratin, fish and lamb
Spiral Buffet-024
veggies, arancini (risotto balls), sausage with cabbage & potatoes


I was looking for the 3 day braised short ribs made by the female French chef but she’s gone now. This 24 hr version wasn’t as good and the red wine in the sauce was overwhelming and drowned out all other flavors. 

Spiral Buffet- 24 hr. braised short ribs
24 hr. braised short ribs
Spiral Buffet-roast pork
roast pork



Spiral Buffet-027

Be sure to try the mini mushroom pie at the upper righthand picture. So good and earthy.Spiral Buffet-028

Want to buy steak, sausages and duck? 

Spiral Buffet-029

I want one of those super thick Boos Blocks butcher blocks all over the restaurant. 

Spiral Buffet-030

Spiral Buffet-031


Spiral Buffet- salad bar
salad bar
Spiral Buffet- fruit vinegars for sale
fruit vinegars for sale


New is this Shake and Go salad in jars. Grab a jar and add salad dressing of your choice and shake and eat. 

Spiral Buffet-038

Spiral Buffet-040

Spiral Buffet-041


Spiral Buffet-039

Spiral Buffet-033

Spiral Buffet-034

Spiral Buffet-035

Spiral Buffet-042

Spiral Buffet-043

This is their signature olive bread which they put on each table. I loved this warm crusty yet soft bread so much. I wish they sold this too. I wanted to eat more bread with cheese and cured meats but it was going to make me full fast. 

Spiral Buffet- Spiral's olive bread
Spiral’s olive bread


Spiral Buffet-054

Spiral Buffet-053


Spiral Buffet- fresh peppercorn
fresh peppercorn
Spiral Buffet- Thai Pea Eggplant
Thai Pea Eggplant

Spiral Buffet-050

At the entrance to the buffet is a counter with even more Filipino and imported delicacies as well as Spiral brand food items. I’m sure this is very popular with their foreign guests looking for pasalubongs. 

Spiral Buffet-049

Spiral Buffet- The Veranda
The Veranda


Filipino desserts and CREAMERYSpiral Buffet-047

Spiral Buffet- fresh tropical fruits
fresh tropical fruits


I spotted some NBA players a day before their pre-season game in Manila.

Spiral Buffet-056

This is just one of the 6 beautiful private dining rooms in Spiral. 

Spiral Buffet-057

The blueberry cooler was a nice refreshing drink but I would ask for the syrup on the side next time. 

blueberry cooler
blueberry cooler

These are what I ate. You may notice that there’s almost an equal amount of food and dessert. 

Spiral Buffet-059

They make a mean mushroom soup. You can taste all the fresh mushroom used. 

Spiral Buffet - mushroom soup
mushroom soup


The uni, sea urchin, wasn’t on display at the sushi atelier but I asked for it and I was given two generous portions. One was for me to eat while the other one I took to the pasta bar to experiment on pasta. That’s another innovation with Spiral. You can take any ingredient from anywhere in the buffet and do whatever your imagination wants. I wish I thought of getting fresh lobster to the pasta bar for a scrumptious seafood pasta. You can also get whatever cheese you want from the L’Epecerie to add to your pasta or to top raw oysters and baked. The ideas are endless.  

Spiral Buffet-061

I wanted to recreate the uni pasta I had at Green Pastures so I had their chef make me this version with garlic, lemon juice, mussels and pine nuts. My mistake was adding pine nuts which overpowered the dish. It was also a bit dry and overcooked but I still ate it all. 

Spiral Buffet-063

I was quite upset with the frozen orange yogurt ice cream which didn’t taste like ice cream or yogurt or orange. It tasted like orange colored ice. This needs a LOT of improvement. 

Spiral Buffet- frozen orange yogurt
frozen orange yogurt


I wasn’t even planning to try the yellow chocolate coin thinking it was white chocolate but thank goodness I did. It was actually tart mango ganache (I’m sure made with a white chocolate base) with bits of dried mango and crispy rice atop solid dark chocolate. Soooo good and I’ve never tried anything like that anywhere else. I was also enamored with the dark chocolate mediant topped with a piece of almond, pecan and a melange of dried fruits. My new bff Chef Tweet (sshh she doesn’t know me yet) used top quality dark chocolate which I loved. I’m definitely buying more of these chocolates in the near future. 

Spiral Buffet- mango ganache chocolate and dark chocolate mediant
mango ganache chocolate and dark chocolate mediant


The citrus cheesecake and the chocolate caramel tart were good but what blew my taste buds was the dark chocolate mousse cake. 

Spiral Buffet-065

I don’t know what kind of chocolate they used but it was deep, dark and decadent. I wonder if they will sell me a whole cake? 

Spiral Buffet-066

Yup, a third serving of the chocolate cake topped with bit of crunchy and gooey things. That truffle dusted with cocoa powder was super dark and yummy too. I told Jane, the PR of Sofitel who toured me around that they should offer a dessert only buffet and I will be the first in line. 

Spiral Buffet-067

The price for the Spiral buffet depends on the time and day you go so check this chart below before you go. Whenever you go I can assure you there will be an overload of food and dessert selections. I didn’t even miss the foie gras which is only available at dinner time and Sundays. Prices are subject to change.  

Spriral Buffet Price
Spriral Buffet Price (click to enlarge)

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone:(+632) 551-5555

9 thoughts on “What’s New at Spiral Buffet

  1. Hi there! I was wondering how the Spiral restaurant stacks up against the other buffets around town like Vikings and what not? It reminds me of a similar concept I’ve had at the Langham in Auckland, New Zealand, but they only had 8 stations versus this 21! Me and my friends are travelling around Manila and Cebu, we stumbled upon your blog and now can’t wait to tuck in to all this food! Thanks!


      1. Thanks Leslie, I’ve booked at the Sofitel for my last night in Manila so I can relax, eat at Spiral and am close enough to the airports for the next day. The countdown has started, I keep checking this post to see what I’ll be in for!


  2. Hi, I read on Anton Diaz’ blog (one of the comments) you can’t take pictures using a DSLR, is that true? 🙂 Can’t wait to try their Sunday branch next week. Thanks so much for this post.


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