A Day of Eating in Sheung Wan

Whenever I go to Hong Kong I stay in Tsim Sha Tsui that’s why most of my restaurant reviews are from the area. I hardly go to Hong Kong side just to eat. I figured there was more than enough good restaurants in my side of the harbour so why bother? Last August I met up with my friend’s sister, Sharon, who is now based in Hong Kong and she showed me a lot of good eats in Sheung Wan.

If you’ve taken the MTR you will see that Sheung Wan is the last stop in the Chai Wan line. It’s also very near Central district. I actually took the MTR and got off Landmark and walked about 10 minutes to Fu Sing on Queens Road. I could have taken the bus but I knew I needed all the exercise before all the eating. 

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant-001

I arrived in Fu Sing a few minutes before noon. Within ten minutes the whole restaurant was full.  Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant-002

Fu Sing Seafood restaurant is proudly Michelin recommended as stated in their specialties menu. 

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant-003

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant-004

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant-005


Ordering steak during a dim sum lunch was a first for me but I was happy Sharon ordered something new and really good. Really tender and well seasoned beef cubes were a joy to eat specially with lots of fried garlic slices. No fancy sauce or beef pedigree just good meat. 

steak cubes with fried garlic HK$88
beef cubes with fried garlic HK$88


I nearly dropped my chopsticks when I ate the first cube of fried tofu. The soft tofu was incredibly creamy and tasted more like I was eating egg custard instead. I don’t know how they were able to fry these delicate cubes and not lose its shape. One cube beef, one cube tofu, one cube beef, one cube tofu, what the heck I just ate both at the same time. 

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant- 8 spices fried tofu HK$75
8 spices fried tofu HK$75


I ordered the glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf just to compare with the others I’ve tried. Instead of a few pieces of pork in between the rice this one had lots of barbecued pork. Delicious!

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant- glutinous rice
glutinous rice


The main reason Sharon brought me to Fu Sing was for me to try these barbecued pork buns which she says is better than my favorite from Tim Ho Wan.

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant - baked barbecue pork buns HK$42-001
baked barbecue pork buns HK$42


I must admit it was pretty good. The bread and crunchy topping was very, very buttery but the filling was just slightly inferior to Tim Ho Wan’s. But it was a very close call. The only thing that tipped the scale was the price. Three pieces at Fu Sing cost HK$42 and for the same quantity you pay only HK$15 at Tim Ho Wan.  Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant - baked barbecue pork buns HK$42-002 

I forgot what these little dumplings were called but the thick, chewy texture was a delight to eat except for the fiery sensation in my mouth. Hot little devils. 

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant- spicy dumplings
spicy dumplings


Since we were already in the area I decided to visit some of the other places on my HK bucket list. I’m a big fan of anything matcha or green tea flavored and my research pointed me to Sinmei Tea which was just a short walk from Fu Sing.

川善茶居  Sinmei Tea 川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -001

I don’t think there are any successful restaurants or coffee shops located on the 5th floor of a building in Manila. If you’re not on the ground floor then don’t bother. It’s different in Hong Kong where space is a premium and rent is sky high. 

川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -002

The space was really small and it was full when we went past 1:00 pm. We were lucky to find a table. It seems there are many matcha lovers like me. They offer an array of desserts in the refrigerated display. 

川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -003 

This is Sharon my partner in food crime for the day. Arrest us because we’re both guilty of overeating! 

川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -004

I’ve seen several pictures of Sin Mei’s (that’s the name of the owner) creations on Instagram but the one most written about is the matcha fondant which others also call matcha lava cake. This warm cake oozed green liquid which should have made me happy. Sadly I found the cake just satisfactory. I found the cake very ‘eggy’ and as green as it was the matcha flavor wasn’t as prominent as I hoped. 

川善茶居  Sinmei Tea - matcha fondant with vanilla ice cream HK$68
matcha fondant with vanilla ice cream HK$68


The matcha mojito (virgin) was made with green tea, fresh mint, lime and soda. It looks good right? It was refreshing but too much lime overpowered the drink. I couldn’t even taste the green tea or the mint. Oh well, my matcha quest goes on. 

川善茶居  Sinmei Tea - matcha mojito HK$42
matcha mojito HK$42

  川善茶居  Sinmei Tea - (click to enlarge)  川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -007川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -005川善茶居  Sinmei Tea -008  

Barista Jam, a specialty coffee place, has been on my list for the longest time. It was walking distance from Sinmei Tea. Yes I love both coffee and tea.  Barista Jam

More and more places like this are opening in Hong Kong and Manila. The emphasis is on the coffee beans and coffee making process rather than flavoring, whipped cream and frou frou concoctions.   Barista Jam -001 Barista Jam -002

Sharon wanted something cold so she ordered a frou frou drink made with seriously strong espresso. See there’s still balance. 

Barista Jam - iced coffee
iced coffee


My single origin coffee was made using an Aeropress. 

Barista Jam - Aeropress


I’m always happy when I drink good coffee. 

Barista Jam - Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Mateo Estate
Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Mateo Estate HK$50


I was beyond full but Sharon insisted that I try La Creperie across Barista Jam.  La Creperie La Creperie-003

La Creperie-001

La Creperie- Le Delfi HK$68 La Creperie-004

We arrived just in time for afternoon tea so I had another pot of tea, this time herbal peppermint tea. I don’t think my body was up for more caffeine.  La Creperie-005

Sharon ordered the La Delfi crepe with salter butter caramel, caramelized bananas and caramel ice cream. And yes, it was superb. Thanks to my eating mate for the very productive day. See you again on my next trip! 

La Creperie- Le Delfi HK$68-001
Le Delfi HK$68 (with tea)


Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant 富聲魚翅海鮮酒家
1/F, Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
telephone: 2643-3228

Sinmei Tea 川善茶居
5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
telephone: 3690-8238

Barista Jam
Shop D, G/F, 126-128 Jervois St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
telephone: 2854-2211

La Creperie
G/F 69 Jervois St Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
telephone: 2679-4666

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