Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong

Ever since Philippine Airlines changed management there have been several changes like the newly renovated lounge in the Naia terminal 2, the improved airline food and the change to the Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong. 

PAL’s business class passengers used to go to the CNAC VIP Lounge which has very limited food and snacks. I was excited to see the new lounge which was a farther walk than the old one. 
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong

This lounge was shared by several airlines but it was big enough to accommodate a lot of people. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-001

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-003

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-002

Food near the bar consisted of fried samosas and fries. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-004

Cold sandwiches and some desserts were also available here. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-006

I liked these multi-color coconut pudding. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-005

Another dining area was located near the buffet. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-008

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-007

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-009
espresso maker
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-010
juice and beverages
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-011
bread selection
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-012
salad bar


The noodle bar was a welcome addition to lounge food.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-013
noodle bar

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-014

I skipped the noodles but I couldn’t resist trying some fried rice with chicken. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-016
fried rice in lotus leaf
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-015
veggies and chicken


The food was just okay nothing great but at least there were more choices than at the old lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-017

My mom gave in to her beloved noodle soup. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong-018

I didn’t want to eat too much since I always look forward to the food onboard. 



Coconut dressing on pomelo salad is awesome!!! I finished every last bit on this bowl. 

PAL business class dinner HKG to Mnl
poached prawn, scallops, pomelo salad with coconut dressing


I love it that PAL almost always serves chicken breast which is my preferred part. It’s risky because it’s very easy to overcook white meat but once again this was perfectly done. The chicken was very tender and the mushroom stuffing gave it a very nice flavor. I wasn’t a big fan of the risotto cake though.

PAL business class dinner HKG to Mnl
stuffed chicken breast with mushrooms with risotto cake


I didn’t expect to find very creamy, very good leche flan on an airplane but this was much better than many I’ve tried on the ground.

PAL business class dinner HKG to Mnl
leche flan with macapuno


Nice touch on the chocolates PAL! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to more happy surprises in the future.


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