Dojo Dairy Japanese Ice Cream

One of the benefits of being a food blogger is sometimes I get sent new products to try and eventually share with my readers. A couple of months ago Dojo Dairy sent  me five cups of ice cream to sample.

 You may be wondering why it took me so long to write about it. You see I’m not really a big fan of ice cream. I love, love sweets but ice cream is something I seldom buy. Even though I don’t eat much ice cream I do know what good ice cream tastes like and Dojo Dairy Japanese ice cream is it. 

I received 5 flavors – blue cheese, green tea, lemon, buttercream and miso sake. This was also the order I ate it. Surprised I didn’t try the green tea first? I was more intrigued by the blue cheese ice cream.

They did a wonderful job of blending chunks of Hokkaido blue cheese with very rich cream and bits of honey-soaked figs. I really loved the contrast of the sharp salty cheese with the sweet figs. The blue cheese wasn’t overpowering but you know it’s there. It’s like appetizer and dessert in one. 

blue cheese ice cream
blue cheese ice cream


Next was my favorite green tea flavor. I love anything with green tea or matcha. Dojo’s green tea ice cream was a bit mild for my taste. I’m sure the average person would enjoy it but for a green tea fanatic like me it was too tame. I want something strong and in your face. I don’t mind have a little bitterness from the green tea. What I liked was the little bits of matcha chocolate in the ice cream. I think their current green tea ice cream has almond bits instead. 

green tea ice cream
green tea ice cream


I don’t know why ice cream companies don’t come out with lemon ice cream as a standard flavor. I think tart lemon and ice cream is a perfect combination and Dojo’s version is a joy to eat. Eating lemon ice cream was like eating lemon meringue pie only better. The tart flavor was very obvious but without being too sour. Lemon ice cream equals happiness. 

lemon ice cream
lemon ice cream


There was a long lull before I tried the buttercream. I only tasted it when I received Catherine’s apple pie and thought buttercream ice cream would go well with it and I was right.  I thought it would be boring but instead it tasted like buttery ice cream with glazed almonds. For those who aren’t so adventurous in their ice cream flavors you will definitely enjoy this. 

buttercream ice cream
buttercream ice cream


Before I tried the buttercream I tried a spoonful of Miso Sake and found it too salty so I kept it in the freezer for more than a month. When I tried it again I was surprised that the taste grew on me. It reminded me of salted caramel ice cream only with an Asian slant. Dojo Dairy said this was one of their most popular flavors.

miso sake ice cream
miso sake ice cream (cover picture & this one from


They have ten flavors with even stranger ones like seaweed, wasabi and black sesame which I would like to try. My favorites are the blue cheese and lemon ice cream. Dojo Dairy’s Japanese  ice cream is uber creamy with unique flavors and they don’t scrimp on quality ingredients. What more can you ask for?

Their ice cream comes in three sizes: 8 oz (P220), 16 oz (pint) (P430) and 32 oz (quart) (P850). 

You can buy the ice cream online at their website  and they will deliver your ice cream right to your doorstep.  You can also go to their store in Little Tokyo along Chino Roces in Makati. 

Dojo Dairy Japanese Ice Cream
telephone: 0918-888-DOJO (3656)

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